Destination Danforth: The Final Push

City Council will decide this week whether to keep Destination Danforth

This is it. After years of advocacy and study, and more than a year of piloting the complete street on Danforth Avenue, Toronto City Council will make a final vote on whether Destination Danforth, along with the other ActiveTO bike lanes, should be made permanent on Wednesday, December 15. 

City Council will also consider a future cycling plan that would see bike lanes installed on the rest of Danforth and continue along Kingston Road all the way to Eglinton Avenue within the next three years.

Combined, this would Connect Danforth and Connect Kingston, creating the basis for growth of a wide cycling network in years to come. Please share your support with the local councillors and the Mayor for these projects before City Council votes.

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If City Council adopts these ambitious cycling plans, Cycle Toronto will need to have an ambitious advocacy strategy to turn those plans into action in the years ahead. Please donate to Cycle Toronto’s Accelerate Our Advocacy campaign by December 31 to enable us to push cycling forward in 2022. All contributions over $20 are eligible for a charitable tax receipt.

Accelerate Our Advocacy

I am so proud of how we were able to transform the Danforth together — thank you so much for your support.

Kevin Rupasinghe
Campaigns Manager

Sample Email


[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]


Thank you for Destination Danforth


Dear Mayor Tory, Councillor Fletcher, Councillor Bradford, Councillor Crawford,


Thank you for being champions of Destination Danforth!

The complete street pilot has transformed this part of the city for the better. It has been a lifesaver for local businesses, residents, and visitors alike. It is a visionary pilot project that should become permanent and extended soon.

I am counting on you to ensure Toronto City Council votes to make the Destination Danforth pilot project a permanent streetscape, and extend it east of Dawes quickly!

Thank you,



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