Unlock a better cycling future today

Where could a 5km trip take you? To the store, to a park, to a friend’s place? Imagine if more Torontonians could make these types of trips safely by bike.

Since 2008, Cycle Toronto has been leading the change to make Toronto a healthy, safe and vibrant cycling city for all. As an inclusive, grassroots, member-supported charity, we need your help.

Even with the recent expansion of the cycling network, there are still too many parts of the city where making even a short bike trip feels unsafe or impossible. And, in areas closer to the core, bikeways are too often obstructed by construction, parked motor vehicles, or insufficient winter clearing. We’re working to change that.

When you donate to Cycle Toronto, you’re saying that riding a bike should be a viable option for all Torontonians. You’re saying cycling should be an essential mode of transportation, and that no traffic fatalities are acceptable. Cities around the world are reshaping their streets. This is your chance to reshape yours.

All donations are processed through CanadaHelps and eligible for a Canadian tax receipt.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]

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Unlock a better cycling future today
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