Cycling Resources

In a typical year, Cycle Toronto offers a wide variety of programs and events to help encourage cycling as a means of increasing mental and physical health, decreasing emissions, reducing living expenses, building community and more. 2020 is not a typical year, but we still encourage cycling. While we might not be able to safely gather in public for the time being, riding a bike is still a healthy and affordable means of completing essential trips and many of Canada’s essential workers rely on a bike as their main form of transportation.

We’ve put together a growing list of useful resources for those seeking to ride a bike for the first time or people that want to find new ways to use their bike.

Responding to COVID-19

Cycling in the time of COVID-19

Our daily lives have changed dramatically in the past few weeks as the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread around the world. We’d like to help explain what the virus means for cycling in Toronto.

Learn how to ride while practicing physical distancing

New to cycling? Get started here:

Toronto Cyclists Handbook

The Toronto Cycling Handbook

Read up on road rules, bike maintenance tips, and cycling etiquette in the official Toronto Cycling Handbook. Standard edition available in 13 languages!

Types of bike lanes and trails in Toronto

Toronto has many options for people who prefer not to ride their bikes with car traffic. Check out the different types of cycling infrastructure in the city and other bike-friendly ways to get around!
Person looking at map

How to Plan your Bike Route

Learn how to plan a route to bike in the city, with some suggestions on types of websites and apps to use.
The Toronto Cycling Handbook: Family Edition. Yellow  background with animated family riding bike

The Toronto Cycling Handbook: Family Edition

Have you ever seen an elaborate cargo bike or trailer set-up and thought "I want to ride with my kids, but that just seems too complicated and expensive?" The Toronto Cycling Handbook: Family Edition shows you that it's doable.

If you have always wanted to start cycling, but don't know where to start, check out this website for tips and inspirational stories from fellow beginner bike riders.

Road Rules Videos

When it comes to getting around Toronto, knowing the rules is one thing - understanding the reality is another. This video series is good for people on bikes and in cars!

Thinking about cycling more? Check out these resources:

Keagan getting ready to lock up her bike

Biking while Pregnant Q&A

Thinking of riding a bike while expecting a child? Our Executive Director went through the experience and shared her insights. Plus, there are loads more resources.

Cycling Infrastructure Outside the Core

From leafy trails to rustic bridges, there are many examples of cycling infrastructure all across the city. Here are some of our favourites.
Vegetables in a market

Tips for Shopping by Bike

Heading to store to pick up something awesome doesn't have to be an exercise in frustration as you drive around looking for that perfect parking spot that you'll end up paying for in cash. Any standard bike can be used for your weekly shopping trips.
Leaves and snow clogging the edge of a small street.

Fall / Spring Riding Tips

The transition from summer to winter and back means changing how you ride. Learn what you can do to be prepared.
Winter Riding Tips. Cyclists happily ride in the snow

Winter Riding Tips

Keep riding all winter long: review our key winter riding tips to be a four season cyclist.
Get Lit! Wednesdays in October. Outlines of bikes on a blue background. They have yellow lights on the front and red on the back.

Get Lit!

When you ride after sunset you need to make sure you're visible. Read about what you should do when you Get Lit!

Other Resources

Pile of snow in bike lane on Simcoe

Reporting Snow in Bike Lanes

How to report winter maintenance issues in Toronto.

Legal Spin

Patrick Brown, a Senior Partner at McLeish Orlando Critical Injury Law Firm, answers bike riders’ questions when it comes to their safety and legal rights in sharing the road.

Toronto Cycling Network

The City of Toronto’s up-to-date and interactive map of the Toronto Cycling Network.

Cycling in Toronto

This is the City of Toronto’s hub for all information cycling related.

Do-It-Yourself Bike Shops and Clinics

A list of DIY bike shops and clinics across Toronto. We update this list whenever possible. Have a suggestion? Email us!

Bicycle repair photo by Matthew Roth