Reporting Snow in Bike Lanes

Reporting Snow in Bike Lanes 

Snow clearing standards

Map of current cycling snow routes maintained by the City of Toronto.

Currently, the City clears bike lanes based on the type of infrastructure under these guidelines:

Road Category When does the City start plowing?    How many hours after the snow stops falling will it take to clear?
Cycle Tracks 5.0 cm 6-8 hours
Arterial roads and streetcar routes 5.0 cm 6-8 hours
Collector roads, bus routes and local streets with hills     5.0 cm – 8.0 cm 8-10 hours


How to report issues:

Contact the City through 311 if a road or bike lane has not been cleared in the appropriate timeframe or needs to be re-cleared. The most effective way to do this is to include a picture and address if possible. If you don’t have these, do your best to describe:

  • Location with the road name, such as the nearby intersections or adjacent businesses
  • The side of the street (e.g., west side of Scarlett Rd, southwest corner of Bloor St and Clinton St)
  • Whether it is on the road or bike lane
  • A detailed description of the problem: e.g., whether the bike lane has been narrowed too much by snow, if bike lanes are blocked by snow, if ice has formed, etc

You can contact 311 by email, phone, or Twitter.

Note: Snow clearing on streetcar platforms such as the ones on King St and Roncesvalle Ave is the responsibility of the TTC. They have a service complaint form you can use to report issues with winter maintenance.


Within Toronto city limits: 311
Outside city limits: 416-392-CITY (2489)


TO:    [email protected], [email protected]
CC: [email protected]


Tag these accounts to make sure the right people see your complaint.

@311Toronto @TO_Cycling @CycleToronto       
Streetcar Platforms
@TTCHelps @311Toronto @TO_Cycling @CycleToronto 

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