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Cycle Toronto is a charitable nonprofit that works to make Toronto a healthy, safe, and vibrant cycling city for all. Through advocacy, education and encouragement, we aim to shape policy and infrastructure, and build community to transform our city’s cycling culture. 

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Support the campaign to Accelerate Our Advocacy across the city in 2022.

At Cycle Toronto, we know that cycling is part of the solution to the critical issues facing our city — from the climate crisis to affordability to public health. We also know that the full potential of cycling in Toronto remains unrealized because many people still don’t feel safe hopping on a bike. The rollout of bike infrastructure is not happening fast enough or equitably across the city, and more policies are needed to enable safe cycling year-round, city-wide, for everyone.

Through major campaigns like our Move365 Connect campaigns and other timely advocacy efforts, we’ve built tremendous momentum for the cycling movement in Toronto, with more “wins” than ever before; but we can’t take these successes for granted. 

With the municipal and provincial elections taking place in 2022, our advocacy is more important now than ever. We must accelerate our advocacy to make cycling top of mind next year, and ensure that cycling is part of government mandates in the years ahead. 

Next year will be critical, and we’ll need your support to advocate for the change we want to see. Between November 30th and December 31, our year-end fundraising campaign to Accelerate Our Advocacy aims to raise $15,000 to ensure we continue to push for change. 

Donate now to Accelerate Our Advocacy.

One-time Donation Monthly Donation

Throughout the month of December we’ll be sharing stories that showcase our advocacy in action. These stories will celebrate our successes and show you where we’re headed next. We hope you’ll join!

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Photo from Zac Ong from Unsplash