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Mission & Vision

Imagine being able to ride bikes with your entire family on Danforth Avenue, in Scarborough, without any fear. With protected bike lanes it would be a fun, easy, and healthy experience getting to school, the grocery store, or your favourite dinner spot.

Calling for protected bike lanes on Danforth Avenue is about more than transportation — our streets have the power to connect communities, improve our mental and physical health, provide space for children to play, and allow businesses to thrive.

Cycle Toronto is advocating for reimagining our streets to their full potential and making them work better for everyone. While people will still be able to drive, other options, like biking, will be a lot more appealing with safe spaces on the road. This is a conversation about safe, healthy, and sustainable mobility options for people across our entire city.

We pledge to support this vision through our Move365 framework. Join the pledge with us by signing your name below.

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ActiveTO hit fast forward on the City’s plans to redesign Danforth Avenue. In 2020, a space was created that considered business needs, mobility needs, and the long-term planning goals for the area. In the process, it became a road for people of all ages and abilities, whether they are walking, driving, taking transit, or biking. 

Now, there are new parking spots, protected bikeways, and places to sit and enjoy the street. Patios, artwork, and planters line Danforth enhancing the atmosphere and highlighting the communities through which it runs.

In the year since installation, the western portion of Danforth has continued to evolve through conversations with local businesses, community groups, and local residents. In these conversations one thing has been made clear: the redesign is popular!

What’s next?

A similar design on Danforth up to Victoria Park Avenue  — the edge of Scarborough — has been approved through ActiveTO for installation in 2021. This still needs to be made permanent. 

It’s time to get Scarborough connected with protected bike lanes. With support from local businesses, residents, and community groups, Scarborough can have streets where cycling is as easy as it is in East York.

I support connecting Danforth

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