Working toward a bigger and better Bike Share

There have been exciting developments with Bike Share Toronto in the last week! 

Bike Share Toronto station at the University of Toronto Scarborough

There have been exciting developments with Bike Share Toronto in the last week! 

On Sunday, May 16 — the first weekend that ActiveTO opened Lake Shore Boulevard W in 2021 — Bike Share set a new single day record of over 27,000 rides! The Bike Boom is still going strong and we aim to keep it that way.

Prior to the record-breaking weekend, Toronto Parking Authority approved a one year pilot of 45-minute rides for Bike Share Toronto; it’s set to launch on July 1, 2021!

Over several months, Cycle Toronto has worked with organizations from across the city to co-sign a letter calling for changes to Bike Share to improve equitable access. In all, 23 groups that have an interest in equity, transportation, and the environment signed onto the letters (read them here and here). Cycle Toronto also worked with Councillors Pasternak, Bradford, Layton, and other Council members from across the city, to build support for the requests in the letters.  

All Toronto residents deserve to have access to affordable and healthy ways of getting around. As well, traditional and e-assist bicycles play an important role in a sustainable future that meets the City of Toronto’s TransformTO climate goals and Bike Share, a public transportation service, is an important part of this. Our three main asks in the letters were:

  1. Introduce a low-income, easy-to-access pass
  2. Expand Bike Share in Scarborough, Etobicoke, North York, and across the city
  3. Increase the ride duration from 30 minutes to allow for longer trips

Now, while Bike Share Toronto is set to debut longer trips in July, they are exploring nearly all of our recommendations. Bike Share Toronto will:

  • Report on a low-income, low-barrier pass in fall 2021
  • Develop a three year growth plan including e-assist bike expansion by winter 2021
  • Review rates and membership structure
  • Deploy additional resources along ActiveTO routes in 2021
  • Evaluate additional payment options such as PRESTO integration

Part of the mandate of our Move365 program is to expand our work to include organizations whose main focus reaches beyond cycling while building equity into our advocacy and programming. Building these partnerships allows us to better focus our efforts and serve Toronto in a way that puts people and communities first. As a not-for-profit with charitable status we rely on the people of Toronto for our continued success and Move365 needs to be a part of this. If you’re able to, please consider making a contribution toward the equitable expansion of cycling in Toronto.


Letter co-signatories (submitted by Cycle Toronto)

  • 8-80 Cities
  • Agincourt Village Community Association
  • Access Alliance Multicultural Health and Community Services
  • Canada Africa Partnership (CAP Network)
  • Charlie’s FreeWheels
  • Cycle Toronto
  • David Suzuki Foundation
  • Our Greenway Conservancy
  • pointA
  • Scarborough Business Association
  • Toronto Environmental Alliance
  • Woburn Local Planning Table
  • Women’s Cycling Network

Letter co-signatories (submitted by Walk and Cycle York South-Weston)

  • ACORN Toronto
  • The Community Place Hub
  • Mount Dennis Community Association (MDCA)
  • Mount Dennis Neighborhood Centre
  • North York Community House
  • Urban Arts
  • Walk and Cycle York South-Weston
  • Weston and Mount Dennis Renaissance Project (OSN)
  • Weston King Neighborhood Centre
  • York South Weston Tenants Union

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