Ward 5: York—South Weston

York—South Weston is located in the west-end of Toronto. The ward is made up largely of the old City of York, a southwestern portion of the old city of North York, Weston, and parts of the old city of Toronto north of High Park.

In 2018, Councillor Frances Nunziata was elected to represent Ward 5 on Toronto City Council.


#BuildTheGrid: Cycle Toronto's 2018 Municipal Election Campaign

During Toronto's 2018 municipal election campaign, Cycle Toronto surveyed every mayoral and council candidate with three questions to see where each stood on the building of Toronto's 10-Year Cycling Network Plan.

Here is how Councillor Frances Nunziata responded to our three #BuildTheGrid survey questions:

  1. Do you commit to supporting building protected bike lanes on main streets, including the major corridors identified in The Cycling Network Plan?
      1. Yes.
  2. Do you commit to supporting building safe, connected routes in your ward as identified in the 10-Year Cycling Network Plan?
      2. Yes. I formed the Ward 11 Pedestrian Safety and Cycling Committee (PSCC) which identified some gaps in the 10-year plan as they relate to Ward 11. I commit to supporting routes already identified in the 10-year plan, as well as those not included but identified through the Ward 11 PSCC. I will also continue to advocate for a cycling trail along the railway corridor, similar to the West Toronto Railpath.
  3. Do you commit to supporting accelerating the Cycling Network Plan to be built in the next four years?
      3. Yes.