Let’s make ActiveTO permanent

Over the long weekend, Councillor Ford suggested cancelling ActiveTO — eliminating space for people.

Lake Shore Boulevard W is busier when open to people than when it's only for cars on weekends

Over the long weekend, Councillor Ford suggested cancelling ActiveTO — eliminating space for people. We responded on TV, radio, and in print that ActiveTO needs to stay, not be removed; the weekend ActiveTO road openings introduced space for people, relieving perpetually crowded multi-use trails, and scrapping the program means going back to packed, uncomfortable trails, increasing conflicts between users.

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What was great about ActiveTO weekends?

Tens of thousands of people were able to be freer, healthier, and happier. City data shows thousands of people started or re-started cycling again because of ActiveTO, and, compared to people who were already cycling, more of those new cyclists were comprised of women and BIPOC folks. And it showed us what a comfortable and enjoyable waterfront could be.

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What does a permanent ActiveTO look like?

ActiveTO makes space for people on the occasional weekend, but the trails are crowded every day. We want this space made permanent.

No more waiting for a weekly announcement. No more costly set up and take down with a constant police presence. No more overcrowding on the Martin Goodman Trail. Toronto needs spaces where people can ride bikes safely all the time.

  • On Lake Shore Boulevard, it’s time to permanently reallocate some car lanes for active transportation.

  • Similarly on Bayview Avenue, the temporary multi-use path must become permanent to help with crowding on the Lower Don trail. 

  • And most crucially, the ActiveTO network of on-street, protected bikeways must be made permanent so people can safely cycle for transportation every day, not just on weekends.

How can you help?

City Council will be deciding whether to scrap ActiveTO in the coming months, so we need to show how popular the program is. Sign our KeepActiveTO petition to show your support, and please share this with friends and family.

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Sign & Share the Keep ActiveTO Petition



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Make ActiveTO Permanent


City Council,

ActiveTO has been transformative for my life. It has allowed me to be healthy, active, and safe while I move about the city without being confined to overcrowded trails. Every day, the ActiveTO bike lanes and road openings have helped tens of thousands of people like myself work towards the City’s climate, safety, health goals — we need this program made permanent in order to achieve this long term.

- Make all ActiveTO bike lanes permanent

- Reallocate two lanes on Lake Shore Boulevard to be permanent space for active transportation

- Make the Bayview Avenue multi-use paths permanent

Our trails are more crowded than ever, and we can’t revert to pre-pandemic ways of thinking. We need a permanent plan to give people space for active transportation.

Thank you for your leadership in creating a healthier, safer, and more sustainable city,



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