What is StreetSmartsTO?

StreetSmartsTO is an initiative to help support Toronto’s growing community of people that cycle. Knowledge is a key aspect in being happy, healthy, and safe when you’re riding a bike, whether it’s on a trail or on the road. StreetSmartsTO is helping people by increasing their awareness of what’s expected of them and others, while giving them the skills they need to move forward on two (or three or four) wheels.

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Available Workshops

There are a variety of workshops available through StreetSmartsTO. Currently, due to public health concerns all activities are online. However, as in-person restrictions are lifted, in-person workshops and neighbourhood pop-ups will be offered following guidelines and recommendations issued by Ontario and Toronto Public Health units.

  • Basic Bike Maintenance: The things every rider should know to keep your bike going and save you money and frustration in the long term.
  • Biking in All Weather Conditions: Get prepared to keep riding through wet, the wet, cold, icy, and snowy conditions Toronto experiences every year.
  • Going by Bike: We’ll walk you through how you can do everything from commuting to work, picking up your kids and even do a grocery run by bike. 
  • Family Biking: Guides participants through things like biking while pregnant, biking with young kids and teaching children to ride on their own for the first time.
  • Road Rules: Learn about your rights and responsibilities when interacting with others on the road in this interactive quiz-style workshop.
  • Route Planning: We'll walk you through different types of bikeways, travelling by transit, and more. Followed by assistance planning personalized routes.
  • Safe Cycling 101: Everything you need to know to bike with confidence in the city. Includes: equipment and bike fit, safe riding techniques, rules & responsibilities, choosing your route, & more.


Get Started Online

We have a growing variety of materials available online for you to take your bike riding game up a notch. Below is a selection of our most popular articles, and we've got loads more cycling resources available.

Person looking at map

Plan Your Bike Route

Learn how to plan a route to bike in the city, with some suggestions on types of websites and apps to use.
Grocery shopping by bike

Shopping by Bike

Learn some rules that apply no matter your approach to cycling for weekly shopping trips.

Road Rules Videos

We took some of the most ambiguous situations between road users and put them into easy to understand videos.
Winter Riding Tips. Cyclists happily ride in the snow

Winter Riding Tips

Keep riding all winter long: review our key winter riding tips to help you ride your bike in all four seasons.

Essential Cycling Tips Videos

Person standing with a bike in a field


Simple cycling tips everyone should know with Cantonese audio.
A man wearing a bike helmet in a park. Text reads "Mohammed cycle educator"


Simple cycling tips everyone should know with English audio.
Person stands in front of a wall.


Simple cycling tips everyone should know with Spanish audio.

Toronto Cycling Handbook & Family Edition

The Toronto Cycling Handbook has all the basics you need to know to get riding in 14 different languages. It covers everything from safety tips and equipment to the law to how to lock your bike up to prevent it from being stolen.

The Family Edition of the Toronto Cycling Handbook covers everything you need to know about riding with your family from pregnancy until your toddlers become teens.

There are two ways you can get a Toronto Cycling Handbook: 

  • Get the digital version for free
  • Get a free hard copy sent to your home (by attending and completing a workshop)

Download a Toronto Cycling Handbook

The Toronto Cycling Handbook is available in 14 languages. The Family Edition is available in English.

العربي   Arabic
বাংলা   Bengali
中文   Simplified Chinese
English   English
Farsi   Farsi **New 2021**
Français   French
हिन्दी   Hindi
한국의   Korean
Português   Portuguese
Русский   Russian
Español   Spanish
Tagalog   Tagalog
தமிழ்   Tamil
ارد   Urdu












StreetSmartsTO is proudly supported by the City of Toronto.