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May’s edition of Ring & Post features a kickoff to Bike Month, our reaction to the recently-unveiled Cycling Network Plan, and some details on some cycling infrastructure coming to a neighbourhood near you soon. Enjoy!

Table of Contents

  1. Message from Executive Director
  2. Bike to Work Day
  3. Bike Month
  4. Eglinton Complete Street Passes
  5. Third Quarter Cycling Infrastructure Updates
  6. Upcoming Community Consultations
  7. Bloor West Complete Street Phase 2 Begins
  8. Partner Spotlight
  9. Just for Fun
  10. Social Media Spotlight
  11. In the Media
  12. Events

Message from the Executive Director

When it comes to bike lanes in Toronto, folks have lots of opinions about where they should (or shouldn’t) go. They should be on arterial roads. They shouldn’t be on arterial roads. They should be on quiet residential streets. They shouldn’t be my quiet residential street.

Last week, Toronto presented its latest cycling network plan, outlining where it proposes to build bike lanes across the city for 2025-2027. The plan itself comes after considerable public consultation. With input from over 10,000 people in online survey responses, and feedback in public consultations, city staff ended up with a short list of about 500 km of potential projects. 

The resulting 2025-2027 plan includes about 100 km of proposed projects (to be installed at a pace of about 30 km a year). This plan represents about the same “business as usual” pace as the current 2022-2024 plan approved under the previous mayor. 

100 km of bike lanes might sound like a lot, but across all of the city’s 25 wards, it averages out to less than 1.5 km per ward per year. That’s about a 5 minute bike ride.

Furthermore, the current 2022-2024 plan is only on pace to be 75% complete by the end of this year. So that’s only 1 km delivered per ward, per year–and of course those kms are not distributed equitably across the city as Etobicoke, North York, and Scarborough are increasingly the have-nots as the downtown network sees continued growth. So if 100 km is the target, how much will be delivered in 2025-2027?

(A graph showing the recent and proposed expansion of cycling infrastructure in Toronto.)

Thanks to folks like you who joined our campaign and the deputations at Infrastructure and Environment Committee, staff were requested to report back early next year on “the feasibility of scale-up the delivery of the Cycling Network Plan to 150 km” for the 2028-2030 plan.

It’s a good start. And if it’s feasible in 2028-2030, it’s certainly possible sooner. The only way Toronto can seriously tackle the climate crisis, road safety, and increasing congestion is making cycling a viable part of our citywide transportation network a priority today, not three years from now. And that only happens with a safe, connected network of bikeways citywide.

Toronto needs a more ambitious cycling network plan. Add your name:

Michael Longfield
Executive Director

Bike to Work Day - June 6

Bike Month across Toronto, Hamilton, York Region, Oakville, Burlington and Halton HIlls begins today, and that means Toronto’s annual Bike to Work Day is just around the corner!

Whether you ride every day or you haven’t ridden in years, joining the Bike to Work Day Group Commute on Thursday, June 6 to City Hall event is a great way to celebrate the joy of riding a bike. Riding as a group often creates an environment that feels safer, especially for new and learning riders. As the saying goes: “strength in numbers!” Each of the four official group rides will be guided by Cycle Toronto Ride Guides to ensure riders stay on course and arrive safely at Nathan Phillips Square. We’re excited to announce the return of the pancake breakfast!

(A poster for Bike to Work Day 2024)

Bike Month 2024

Held every June, Bike Month is an opportunity for people to try riding a bike for the first time, learn new skills, or simply have fun and connect with new people. It’s taking the time to rekindle the youthful magic of exploring your neighbourhood by bike or share that joy with the next generation of bike riders. Bike Month is a celebration of cycling. Bike Month invites new, learning, and experienced riders to celebrate the joys and possibilities of cycling – from commuting to work or school, to running errands, to minding your health — riding a bike is a healthy, sustainable, and fun way to get around.

(A poster for Bike Month 2024)

Eglinton Complete Street Passes Council

Phase One of the Eglinton Complete Streets project, approved in concept by Council over a decade ago and a key Cycle Toronto campaign for even longer, passed again at City Council on May 23rd by a vote of 20 - 1. This project includes protected cycle tracks from Keele all the way to Mount Pleasant. 

Alongside the Eglinton Crosstown LRT, the Eglinton complete street project will transform the street’s public realm and make traveling Eglinton safer and more inviting to the wide variety of communities along this key Toronto arterial. There’s still work ahead as the bikeway installation will be coordinated with the opening of the LRT… stay tuned for more information about install and also getting Phase Two east of Mount Pleasant approved in 2025.

(A map of the project area. Image: City of Toronto)

Third Quarter Cycling Infrastructure Updates

Approximately 7.2 km of new bikeways were recommended for City Council approval by the Infrastructure and Environment Committee (IEC) on May 28th. These projects are some of those that remain from the 2022 - 2024 Cycling Network Plan, which even with these approvals is only on pace to be about 75% complete by the end of the year. Now recommended to City Council, all Toronto councillors will vote on the projects at the end of June and, if approved, we could see them installed later this year.

The projects include:

  1. Avenue Road (but only between Bloor and Davenport)
  2. The Beltline Gap
  3. Centennial Park Connections
  4. Leaside Bridge to Danforth
  5. Power Street
  6. Sudbury Street
  7. Steeprock-Bathurst Manor
  8. West Parkdale

Read about the projects in more detail on our website.

(A map of the 2024 third quarter cycling network plan updates. Image: City of Toronto)

Upcoming Community Consultations

In the Council-approved 2022-2024 Cycling Network Plan, Danforth Avenue & Kingston Road in Ward 20 Scarborough Southwest and Trethewey Drive in Ward 5 York South-Weston were identified as key routes to expand the city’s cycling network.

After considerable delay (and thanks to strong public feedback), consultation dates have finally been announced for both projects. Come out and show your support to ensure these bikeways are approved and installed by early 2025.

Danforth - Kingston

Thanks in part to the efforts of grassroots efforts like Danforth-Kingston 4 All, public consultations to extend the Danforth bikeways into Scarborough with the Danforth-Kingston Complete Streets project are finally moving forward with two in person events:

1. Wednesday, June 19, 2024 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm at the Scarborough Village Recreation Centre at 3600 Kingston Road.

2. Tuesday, June 25, 2024 from 6:30 to 8:30 pm at the Immaculate Heart Of Mary School at 101 Birchmount Road.

(A map of the project. Image: City of Toronto)

Another virtual meeting is planned for Tuesday, June 18. Registration information will be posted here: www.toronto.ca/danforthkingston

Danforth Ave. & Kingston Rd. in Scarborough are hostile, uninviting, and dangerous to everyone, including people walking, people using a mobility device, people riding bikes, people taking transit, and people driving. The Danforth - Kingston Complete Streets project promises a safer and more comfortable main street for the residents of South Scarborough.

Trethewey Drive

With work already complete on the Weston Cycling Connections, we are pleased that an overdue public consultation has been announced for the Trethewey Dr. bikeways: June 12th from 6:30 - 8:00 pm at The Learning Enrichment Foundation 116 Industry Street

At the drop-in, community members can review details on the potential plans, and speak to staff and show support for this key project in Toronto’s "The Home of the Bicycle” neighbourhood:

(The area that is under study. Image: City of Toronto)

Bloor West Complete Street Phase 2 Begins

Construction on the second phase of the Bloor West Complete Street project began during the last week of May.

The Bloor cycle tracks and streetscape improvements will be extended from just west of Mimico Creek (Aberfoyle Crescent) to just east of Kipling (Resurrection Road).

With cycling accessibility improving along Bloor West, some have noted that there is a lack of available bike parking. Do you bike in the area a lot? If you have a second, tell us where more parking should be installed:

(A map of the project area. Image: City of Toronto)

Business Partner Spotlight: Tony Lafazanis

With over 40 years of experience, Tony Lafazanis is a professional and compassionate lawyer who listens to you carefully before providing any legal advice. He is a proud member of the law society and has been practicing personal injury and disability insurance law in Ontario since 1983. From his boutique law firm in Cabbagetown, Tony represents clients throughout the Greater Toronto Area and Central Ontario. He has experience in all types of personal injury, accidents and disability insurance claims, successfully handling cases involving bicycle-motor vehicle collisions and single bicycle incidents. Tony will give you the expertise you need to get the compensation you deserve. Tony Lafazanis is a proud bicycle commuter and regularly gets to appointments on his bicycle. Contact Tony for a free case evaluation!

Previously, Tony appeared on a webinar about compensating cyclists. You can watch the recording on our YouTube channel.

How a Bike Lane is Born #4: City Council

How a Bike Lane is Born is an investigative series where we try to understand, and then explain, how new bike infrastructure comes to be. From the earliest line on a map to the final flexpost, no stone will be left unturned.

Our first editions focused on the future Portland Street bikeways’ historical context, its community consultations, and its first trip to City Hall for the Infrastructure and Environment Committee.

In this fourth edition of How a Bike Lane is Born, our project heads back to City Hall for a potentially contentious debate at City Council.

See how it fared by clicking here to read our latest edition of How a Bike Lane is Born.

(Councillor Holyday rises to request a recorded vote on the Portland bikeway.)

Social Media Spotlight

Can’t get enough Cycle Toronto content? As we near the end of this month’s Ring & Post, you may find yourself already yearning for more. Although our newsletter is monthly, we post on our social media channels daily. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter / X, or TikTok to stay up-to-date on Cycle Toronto news and events. Here are some highlights from this month:

(An Instagram post referencing the Danforth - Kingston complete street project. Click image to visit original post.)

(A TikTok post discussing ‘diagonal dividers’. Click image to visit original post.)

(Michael Longfield speaks at the Infrastructure and Environment Committee. Click image to visit original post.)

In the Media

Cyclists rally, calling for safer streets in Scarborough | City News

How a Toronto police complaints officer belittled a criticism about bike lanes | Toronto Star

More bike lanes might be coming to Toronto… but is it a good thing? | Breakfast Television

Op-ed: The Bicycle License, Again | Spacing Magazine


Bike Month

Throughout the month of June, cycling-related events will be happening across Toronto, Hamilton, York Region, Burlington, Oakville, and Halton Hills. Join in the fun and celebrate your love of cycling:

Pedal Poll/Sondo Vélo 2024 

Velo Canada Bikes is looking for volunteers in Toronto to evaluate the state of cycling in our communities. Together we get a “snapshot” of what cycling looks like in communities across Canada, at the same time, year over year. The data collected helps build the case for more, and better, cycling infrastructure. This growing data set is there for everyone to use to advocate for access to safe cycling choices for everyone, everywhere.

When: Tuesday, June 4th  – Saturday June 8th 

Where: Various locations

Bike to Work Day Toronto

Whether you ride every day or you haven’t ridden in years, joining the Bike to Work Day Group Commute to City Hall event is a great way to celebrate the joy of riding a bike.

When: Thursday, June 6th

Where: Multiple meet-up points along Bloor, Danforth, Yonge, and Bay all ending at Nathan Phillips Square 

Learn more about the ride by clicking here.

Bike Month Coronation Park Community Ride

Smart Commute Toronto is teaming up with Cycle Toronto for a family-friendly Bike Month Community Ride along the Toronto waterfront cycling infrastructure via Queens Quay and the Martin Goodman Trail.

When: Saturday, June 22nd at 10:00 am

Where: Sherbourne Common at 61 Dockside Drive, Toronto

Learn more about the ride by clicking here.

The Big Toronto Bike Ride presented by Bike Law Canada

The Big Toronto Bike Ride presented by Bike Law Canada is back on! Join us on a lively ride around town, make a new cycling friend at the post-ride social, and, most importantly, help support Cycle Toronto’s mission to foster a culture of cycling city-wide.

We’re excited to host you on Saturday, September 28th! Fundraise and ride with us on a ~10 km ride to celebrate our big wins and help us continue our work to bring tangible change to Toronto’s cycling culture and infrastructure projects.

(The Big Toronto Bike Ride 2024 has been announced.)

Hope you enjoyed this edition of the Ring & Post. As always, every donation counts to help us continue the work you've read about in this newsletter.

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