Let's Make the Bike Boom Permanent

People want to bike more. We want to make that happen and we need your help.

When the pandemic shut down Toronto the first time, Cycle Toronto was forced to rethink how we provide cycling education. We couldn’t meet in person, so we went online. We transformed our workshops and started producing more online cycling resources than ever before. Then the Bike Boom happened. Last year, 29% of people riding the ActiveTO road openings were new or renewed bike riders and our educational materials for new riders were read by tens of thousands. 

People want to bike more. We need you to donate so that we can expand the ways we help them do that.

Help more people ride

Our new online offerings have helped us reach more people, in more places than we ever could have in person; we even dipped our toes into video content with our well-received Winter Cycling Tips video series. Let’s build off this momentum and make the Bike Boom permanent by continuing to expand. 

Cycle Toronto is officially a charitable organization. While our mission remains the same, we see this as an opportunity to open new doors and make new connections. Over the next few weeks we’re going to outline how we want to expand cycling education in Toronto. With your help we can do just that.

Make a donation now, so that more people can get the knowledge you wish you had when you first started riding.

Make the Bike Boom permanent

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