Get Lit! in October

Roll by one of our Street Smarts outreach stations on Tuesdays in October.

As summer turns to fall, diminished daylight hours put a renewed emphasis on cyclists having proper lights and reflective gear on their bicycles to help ensure their safety.  With this in mind, we run our Get Lit! campaign every October. Based on "Get Lit" from the Community Cycling Centre in Portland, we set up our orange tent in four different locations around the city and flag down unlit cyclists as they pass, educating them on the importance of bike lights and providing them with a free set for a safe ride home.

Why is this important?

Without a light, you become invisible at night. With lights and reflectors, you can be seen again. Ontario law requires that bicycles be equipped with a front white light and either a rear red reflector or a rear red light, from half an hour before sunset to half an hour after sunrise. Lights, reflectors, reflective tape, and bright clothing help drivers and pedestrians see cyclists at night.

2016 Dates and Locations:

Get Lit! at the AGO, Tuesday October 4,6:30pm - 9:30pm
Get Lit! at Boulton Drive Parkette, Tuesday October 11, 6:30pm - 9:30pm
Get Let! at Castle Frank Station, Tuesday October 18, 6:30pm - 9:30pm 

Street Smarts is funded by generous individuals and supported by our longtime partner CultureLink Settlement Services. Last year we successfully raised over $20,000 for our 2015 Street Smarts program!

This year, Get Lit! is generously supported by:


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