Cycle Toronto recommends protected intersections for Richmond Adelaide cycle track pilot project

Protected intersections an important way to improve safety for cyclists

Most injuries and collisions happen at intersections. Forced mixing at intersections creates a challenging and stressful situation for cyclists. It creates uncertainty for all road users: motor vehicles don’t know whether to wait for cyclists to pass on the right, or proceed, potentially cutting off cyclists. Richmond and Adelaide already have two lanes, so cars can merge into the left lane if the car in front of them is turning right. 

We propose the City adopt protected intersections as a more efficient and safer way to manage the negotiations between cyclists and drivers.

In a protected intersection the separation continues to the intersection. The key elements of a protected intersection, include: corner refuge island, forward stopping bar for cyclists, setback crossing, ban right turns on red, bicycle-friendly traffic light phasing. Watch this video for more! 

Above: Photo of pop up protected intersection in Minneapolis by Alta Planning. Read more here.
Below: Mock up of a protected intersection at Richmond St and Peter St, by Iain Campbell.


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