Action Alert: Write Public Works & Infrastructure Committee to oppose bike licensing!

Councillors Stephen Holyday and Justin Di Ciano have put forward a motion to Toronto City Council to license cyclists. The item comes before the Public Works & Infrastructure Committee next week and we need your help to make sure PWIC votes it down. 

Bicycle licensing has a long history in the City of Toronto. The City has recommended against bicycle licensing on 3 separate occasions. Not only is the cost of creating, administering and policing a licensing program far greater than any potential revenue but the Toronto Police already have full powers of enforcement. We’re concerned that the latest drive to licence cyclists will unnecessarily burden City staff who are focussed on delivering Toronto’s 10 Year Cycling Network Plan. Let’s not burden them with more unnecessary reports and make sure bicycle licensing is rejected again next week!

Why are we opposed to bicycle licensing?

  1. The cost of creating, administering, and policing a licensing program for bicycles is far greater than any potential revenue the program could generate.
  2. There is no proof that a bike licensing system, anywhere, has actually increased cyclist compliance with the law.
  3. Cyclists already pay their way through other tax sources.
  4. Many people in Toronto ride bikes because they do not have other transportation options.
  5. A licensing system will discourage new riders, which is something Toronto cannot afford.

Read more about our rationale in our position statement on the issue.

The great news is that we know what does work! 

  1. Rapid rollout and investment in cycling infrastructure that will keep cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists separate and safe.
  2. Education programs for all road users so that everyone is on the same page, and everyone learns to share the road effectively and safely.
  3. A bold commitment to a Vision Zero goal with reduced speed limits, well-designed roads, and strong legal protections for our most vulnerable road users.

The bottom line is that a bicycle licensing system is a waste of taxpayer dollars and of City staff’s time. Let’s make sure PWIC members know when it comes time to vote on Tuesday.

Action Alert: Write an email to PWIC opposing bicycle licensing now using the details below


"PWIC" <[email protected]>, “Councillor Jaye Robinson” <[email protected]>, “Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon” <[email protected]>, “Councillor Anthony Perruzza” <[email protected]>, “Councillor Ron Moeser” <[email protected]>, “Councillor Chin Lee” <[email protected]>, “Councillor Stephen Holyday” <[email protected]>


<[email protected]>, “Mayor John Tory” <[email protected]>

Instructions: Email the above contacts. Be sure to include PW15.12 in the subject line. Creativity matters. Include your personal story. Consider including your mailing address; it carries more weight.

Deadline: Please write members of PWIC by Monday Sept 26 at 4:30pm


Further background reading:

PW15.12: Request for Report on Bicycle Licensing

Bicycle Licensing History, City of Toronto

Bicycle Licensing Issues, City of Toronto

Cycle Toronto Position Statement


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Jared Kolb

Executive Director

[email protected]

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