Action Alert: Write Public Works & Infrastructure Committee now to support building Toronto’s new Bike Plan as soon as possible!

Hot on the heels of our landslide victory for pilot Bloor bike lanes, another major cycling item is on the Public Works & Infrastructure Committee (PWIC) agenda on Monday May 16: the 10 Year Bike Plan!

Since 2014, we've been calling on City Council to build a city-wide Minimum Grid of 100 km of protected bike lanes and 100 km of bicycle boulevards by 2018. Toronto is proposing a new 10 year cycling network plan that could build a city-wide network in a matter of years. Major corridors identified across the city include Bloor, Danforth, Yonge, Lakeshore, Jane, Midland, Kingston Rd and more. Read more here on the specifics of the plan.

City staff are recommending $16 million per year under the 10 year plan which is a good step forward. But that won’t build a bike lane network soon enough. We want City Council to boost the budget to $25 million per year, getting Toronto a Minimum Grid in 6-7 years.

Many of you will recall the 2001 bike plan, whose implementation fell short with only 24% of the on-street plan getting built. The new 10 Year Bike Plan takes a smart approach to infrastructure roll out: it’s a funded plan that’s tied in part to the road reconstruction schedule.

Next week, we will have a chance at a secure financial future for cycling infrastructure across Toronto. We will have a chance to make every fight for a bike lane that much easier. We will have a chance at safe streets and a healthy city.

Action Requested: Write PWIC now to support boosting the budget to $25 million per year & completing the Bike Plan in 6-7 years!

Members of Public Works & Infrastructure Committee:

To: "PWIC" <[email protected]>, “Councillor Jaye Robinson” <[email protected]>, “Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon” <[email protected]>, “Councillor Anthony Perruzza” <[email protected]>, “Councillor Ron Moeser” <[email protected]>, “Councillor Chin Lee” <[email protected]>, “Councillor Stephen Holyday” <[email protected]>

cc <[email protected]>, “Mayor John Tory” <[email protected]>. “Cycling Staff” <[email protected]>.

Include PW13.11 in your subject line.

Creativity matters. Include your personal story. Consider including your mailing address; it carries more weight. Please write by Friday May 13 at 4:30 pm.

Background reading:

Get Toronto moving: Top 5 reasons to roll out the Bike Plan as soon as possible (Cycle Toronto)

New bike plan would add 525 km of bike routes to create a true Toronto network (Toronto Star)

Angus Reid Forum poll shows that Torontonians want a safe cycling network built as soon as possible and are willing to pay for it (Thursday May 12, 2016)

PW13.11 - 10 Year Cycling Network Plan (City of Toronto)

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*Photo by Martin Reis

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