Third quarter cycling projects pass at City Council

Third quarter cycling projects pass at City Council

Several new and upgraded bikeways passed at City Council on June 26th, 2024. These projects are some of those that remain from the 2022 - 2024 Cycling Network Plan and have yet to be installed. Now fully approved, we will see most of these projects begin construction this summer and throughout 2024.

Let’s do a quick tour of the projects:

  1. Avenue Road
  2. The Beltline Gap
  3. Centennial Park
  4. Leaside Bridge to Danforth
  5. Power Street
  6. Sudbury Street
  7. Steeprock-Bathurst Manor
  8. West Parkdale

(A map of the 2024 third quarter cycling network plan updates. Image: City of Toronto)

Avenue Road

Unidirectional, protected cycle tracks on this busy, dangerous stretch of Avenue Road will create a safer connection from the Bloor cycle tracks to the bike lanes on Davenport.

(A map of the project area. Image: City of Toronto)

This portion of Avenue Road has been the scene of three tragic deaths in the past nine years.


The Beltline Gap

This project seeks to close a gap that exists between the York Beltline and the Kay Gardner Trail, two multi-use trails just north of Eglinton West. This project will also complement the recently-approved Eglinton complete street, helping to make this community much safer for vulnerable road users.

(A map of the project area. Image: City of Toronto)


Centennial Park

This project includes protected two-way cycle tracks on both Mill Road and Burnhamthorpe Road near the Toronto-Mississauga border and will greatly improve access to Centennial Park.

(A map of the project area. Image: City of Toronto)


Leaside Bridge to Danforth

This extensive bikeway will eventually connect the Thorncliffe Park neighbourhood to the cycle tracks on The Danforth via a series of segments of cycling infrastructure.

(A map of the project area. Image: City of Toronto)


Power Street

On-road bike lanes will be implemented on Power Street, a short street one block east of Parliament.

(Power Street in 2022. Image: Google Maps)

Sudbury Street

A contraflow bike lane will be built on Sudbury Street during construction on a new GO station for the Liberty Village neighbourhood. This contraflow lane will be a key link for the cycling network on the west side of downtown with connections to the West Toronto Railpath, Douro Street, and the recently-opened Wellington cycle tracks further east.

(A map of the project area. Image: City of Toronto)


Steeprock - Bathurst Manor

This project is centred on cycle tracks on Steeprock Drive, bike lanes on Whitehorse Road and Rimrock Road, and shared lane markings on several connecting streets. This new bikeway would create much-needed alternative routes for those who want to avoid cycling on major arterial roads.

(A map of the project. Image: City of Toronto)


West Parkdale

This series of bikeways will form important connections through the Parkdale and Roncesvalles neighbourhoods, connecting The Queensway cycling infrastructure to Roncesvalles, Sorauren, Lansdowne, and Brock. This bikeway would create a much-needed alternative route to Queen West for vulnerable road users.

(A map of the entire project. Image: City of Toronto)

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