A Holiday Gift Guide

Just for Fun: A Holiday Gift Guide

With the holiday season upon us, Cycle Toronto asked our followers to tell us their ideas of the perfect gift for a cyclist. We received all kinds of great suggestions, so it’s time to embrace your inner-elf.

Let’s start with something for the beginner cyclist. For that special someone in your life who has expressed a desire to start cycling more often, a Toronto Bike Share membership might be the perfect option. An annual Bike Share pass is a great way for a novice rider to start incorporating cycling into their day-to-day routine without the initial hurdles of purchasing, upkeeping, and storing their own bike.


Speaking of winter cycling, many of our followers recommended various forms of protective eyewear for biking on particularly blustery days. The lightweight, polarized Goodr Wrap G Sunglasses, for example, are described as “extreme sunglasses for extreme people”, and are available at Fixed Coffee on Gladstone near Queen.

Winter riding also requires a great pair of gloves. Many of our followers specifically recommended “lobster gloves”, which are designed to provide the warmth of a mitten with enough dexterity to confidently operate shifters and brake levers. The Pearl Izumi's AmFIB Lobster Gel Gloves, available at Sweet Pete’s Bike Shop in Bloordale, feature a 3D gel pad to provide bar comfort without causing unnecessary bulk.

Another useful yet economical option that was mentioned by many are reflective snap bracelets. They can be attached to your arms, your bike, or your backpack to increase your visibility during walks or rides on dark winter nights.

Ding ding! One thing that every cyclist certainly needs is a sturdy bell. The Spurcycle Precision Bell, available at Curbside Cycle on Bloor in the Annex, rings loudly yet politely, and will attract the attention of even the most distracted drivers, pedestrians, or fellow cyclists. The bell also comes in two colours: black and silver, so perhaps some of our readers will be placing 🎵silver bells 🎵under the tree this holiday season.

Another cyclist must-have that was brought up several times is a reliable pair of lights. With the sun setting in the early evening this time of year, a bright pair of lights are a necessary accessory for the evening commute. Did you know they’re even required by law? Many of our followers recommended rechargeable USB front and rear lights. Urbane Cyclist, on College near Kensington Market, carries lights of all shapes, sizes, and price points.

For cyclists who enjoy longer rides, consider an emergency bike repair kit. Repair kits are quite variable in terms of what is included, but almost all of them contain a spare tube and patch kit, tire levers, a mini pump, and a multi-tool. We would never hope for anyone to get a flat tire, but imagine how grateful your giftee might be one day when your kit finally comes in handy!

For the cargo-hauling cyclists in your life, how about an e-bike rental gift card from Zygg? E-bikes have motors powered by a rechargeable battery, and you can switch between pedaling and motor power to control the speed and effort required to ride. They’re a blast! Pay a visit to Zygg on Sorauren Avenue and try one out today.

Finally, for the Cycle Toronto fans on your list, we’ve opened up a special back catalogue section of our online store where you can find all kinds of T-shirts from years and events gone by. This year’s Cycle Toronto “Raccoon Tee” is also still available. Head over to our Shopify store to browse our collection and you’ll be sure to find the perfect T-shirt stocking stuffer.



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