Cycle Toronto Meets with Mayor John Tory to Diffuse Tensions in High Park

Press release on Cycle Toronto's meeting with Mayor Tory over High Park ticketing of cyclists.

TORONTO, ON Aug 10, 2022 - Leaders of Cycle Toronto met with Mayor John Tory to diffuse tensions and discuss evidence-based policy and design solutions to help improve the safety of people cycling and using active transportation in High Park. 

Cycle Toronto proposed the following interventions that could be piloted in 2022 as part of the ongoing High Park Movement Strategy that will reduce conflict and make best use of the car-free pilot in the park:

  • Reimagining the road space to create designated lanes for multiple forms of active transportation traveling at different speeds including a “fast lane” for people using the roads for recreational cycling and training,
  • Create off peak times during car-free hours specifically for people on bikes to ride and train at speed, with a posted code of conduct, while still sharing the park with other users. Designate these pathways with off-peak times for explicit use,
  • Support the Bicycle Yield-As-Stop Law (Idaho/Rolling Stop), which treats stop signs as yield signs but maintains right of way for other road users at intersections, and an ask to Transportation Minister Caroline Mulroney for a Bicycle Yield-As-Stop change in the provincial Highway Traffic Act, 
  • Using our StreetSmartsTO partnership with the City, provide education and cycling ambassador supports in the park to educate people and other organizations about these interventions, in place of police enforcement,

The Mayor expressed willingness to consider implementing quick-win solutions in the park before the end of 2022, he also expressed consideration of a car-free pilot 7 days a week. The frank and open discussion demonstrates the Mayor’s commitment to Vision Zero principles and an eagerness to move toward innovative solutions for road users through policy and design.

“We thank the Mayor for taking swift action to meet with us, and for being receptive to our ideas that support everyone who uses High Park.” said Keagan Gartz, Executive Director of Cycle Toronto. “Our commitment to the Mayor’s office is to keep the dialogue open and use engineering and education to reimagine and improve our city’s shared spaces. We will continue to advocate in support of a safe and healthy cycling city for all and look forward to working further with the City of Toronto on these proposed initiatives.”  

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