Alex Amaro Cycling Kindness Award

Alex Amaro’s family, Cycle Toronto, and McLeish Orlando Lawyers announce the Alex Amaro Cycling Kindness Award, and are calling for nominations for the 2023-24 cohort till Spring 2024.

About the Award

Alexandra Mary Orme Amaro was 23 years old when she was killed in front of Dufferin Mall December 2, 2020 while riding her bike. A journalism student in her final year, a talented florist, and passionate cyclist, Alex embodied kindness, generosity, positivity and humbleness throughout her young life.

The Alex Amaro Cycling Kindness Award was created to recognize an individual or group whose efforts exemplify a positive approach to making the city cycling friendlier, safer, more accessible, inclusive and environmentally healthier and sustainable for everyone. 

The following are just a few examples of the kind of contributions that may be considered as acts of cycling kindness:

  • Demonstrating active volunteer efforts to support a more harmonious, safe, inclusive cycling city
  • Spearheading bike and safety gear collections to donate to children’s and low-income targeted programs and groups
  • Creating innovative strategies or removing barriers to make cycling more equitable and inclusive for all, especially underrepresented or marginalized groups
  • Demonstrating that bicycling is a fun, economical and environmentally-friendly means of transportation
  • Extending random acts of kindness to cyclists, pedestrians, and drivers
  • Implementing ideas that foster a positive bicycle culture at work, school, organization, within the community, and generally building a culture of cycling in the local community

How to submit nominations for the award

The following steps need to be taken to submit a nomination for the Award, the winner of which will be announced in Spring 2024 during Cycle Toronto’s annual general meeting.

  • Two letters of reference that highlight the nominee’s skills and experience from people who have direct knowledge of the nominees
  • Nominee biography or profile; Consent for nomination from nominee (if not self-submitting)
  • In 500 words or less, please describe the reason for your nomination
  • Send your application, along with a subject line “Alex Amaro Cycling Kindness Award Nomination Submission” to [email protected].

The recipients of this award will receive a monetary award from the committee.

Thank you for your interest in the application, we will be reviewing all submissions between December 2023 and Spring 2024. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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