ACTION: Support the midtown Yonge Complete Street pilot!

Opponents are calling on City Council for its removal, but these bike lanes are a crucial step towards building better streets that work for everyone.

The pilot project for Midtown Yonge Bikeways is up for a decision at the end of March 2022!

This Tuesday, the fate of the transformational project will be decided by the Infrastructure and Environment Committee.

City staff have recommended continuing the Yonge pilot to July 2023 to collect more data and make adjustments as people return to work or school.

Meanwhile, a small group of influential people are calling for the Yonge pilot to be removed immediately. They want to overrule the vast majority of people and businesses who are benefiting from the safety improvements, beautification, traffic calming, new transport choices, on-street patios, and more.

These opponents are already asking the Mayor and key councillors to oppose this project by making wild, unsupported claims — please take a minute to share your support for the Yonge complete street pilot. 

You can email the Mayor to show your support by clicking on the button below:


You can also show your support by calling in:

If you’ve already emailed, help counter the Our opponents that are calling and complaining to the Mayor  — please take 60 seconds to leave a supportive voicemail to Mayor John Tory.

☎️ 416-397-CITY (2489)

Here’s an example of what you could say:

“Hello Mayor Tory, my name is ____ and I am fully supportive of the City continuing the Midtown Yonge pilot from Bloor to Davisville, and I think it is important that it connects to Eglinton as soon as possible. We need more of these projects like these throughout the city to protect vulnerable road users and apply an equity lens to mobility and access to safe transportation. Thank you — I hope I can count on your support.”

Your support on this project will be crucial for deciding the future of protected, safe cycling infrastructure on Yonge Street and beyond. 

Thank you for supporting this critical project!

Kevin Rupasinghe
Senior Advocacy Manager

Email button not working? Here is an email sample you can use to show your support


 [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

 IE28.7 - I support extending the Yonge complete street pilot!


Dear Councillors McKelvie, Matlow, Layton, and Mayor Tory,

I am very supportive of the Midtown Yonge complete street pilot installed last year. It has been great for residents and businesses in the community, and for visitors whether they walk, bike, take transit, or drive. I am glad that the City is recommending continuing the pilot.

I need you to please connect the project to Eglinton ASAP rather than the current endpoint at Davisville. There are hundreds of businesses and thousands of residents in that section that will benefit from the complete street, and you need to be building bikeways that connect to a network, not bikeways to nowhere.

I hope to count on your support.

Thank you,
[Postal Code]



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