About Ward Advocacy

The Ward Advocacy Program has been around as long as Cycle Toronto! Individuals come together in groups that build relationships with residents associations, businesses, schools and local elected officials. The vision of the program is to build a movement of grassroots advocacy in local wards which will improve cycling for everyone in the city. The Ward Advocacy Program is meant to engage cyclists and non-cyclists alike to support activities that promote the everyday use of bicycles by improving infrastructure, facilities and the public perception of cycling as a valid and vital mode of Transportation

Our commitment to you

Cycle Toronto and ward groups work together in trust and for mutual benefit to improve cycling conditions across the city. We recognize that we must support the wards. 

We commit to providing:

  • Effective tools to ease communications with members.
  • Coordinating groups so activities are not in conflict.
  • Cooperating with city staff to access info and resources.
  • Contacting councillors to ensure groups have access to elected officials to discuss projects and goals.
  • Providing groups with training, materials, ward maps and information on cycling developments and consultation processes.


  • Advocacy: To encourage civic engagement among cyclists.
  • Coordination: To organize cycling advocates into ward groups in order to achieve local goals that are synchronized with braoder Cycle Toronto initiatives
  • Education: To teach members about the role of municipal government in cycling advocacy
  • Communication: To maintain active lines of communication between ward groups and Cycle Toronto staff.
  • Assistance: To support ward groups by providing resources for local advoacy efforts.
  • Partnership: To develop mutually beneficial relationships between ward groups, city staff and councillors
  • Outreach: To engage ward groups in their local communities and build support for Cycle Toronto
  • Membership: To encourage engaged cyclists to support the work being done on broader Cycle Toronto initiatives by becoming dues-paying members.
  • Social: To provide opportunities for cyclists to come together and build community through closer relationships.
  • Strategy: To encourage ward groups to become more methodical in their processes, to improve the consistency in achieving ward groups goals.