Toronto Municipal Election Results

Following the Election on October 24th, we are pleased to announce that the majority of Toronto’s newly elected City Council support our 10 priority actions.

Press conferenceMembers of our Safe and Active Streets for All coalition speak at a press conference at City Hall on October 17, 2022

Following the Toronto Municipal Election on October 24th, 2022, Cycle Toronto and its coalition partners (The Centre for Active Transportation, Friends and Families for Safe Streets, and Walk Toronto), are pleased to announce that Toronto’s newly elected City Council largely supports our 10 priority actions calling for Safe and Active Streets for All. With 8 newcomers on Council, paired with the Mayor’s newly granted power to set the budget, we are optimistic that the next 4 years will bring positive change to the streets of Toronto. 

Mayor Tory and 14 incoming Councillors said yes to all of our 10 priority actions, and only 2 incoming Councillors who participated in our survey supported 9 out of our 10 priority actions. 

“We are pleased to see that Toronto has elected a Council that wants to make our city safer and more sustainable for the diverse residents that live across our city. Our focus over the next four years will be to ensure that City Council is unequivocal about funding and implementing initiatives that prioritize road safety and active transportation. This must include accelerating and expanding the Cycling Network Plan to build a grid of connected bike lanes in Etobicoke, North York and Scarborough.”
-Alison Stewart, Acting Co-Executive Director, Advocacy & Public Policy, Cycle Toronto

Toronto‘s newly elected City Council has an arsenal of tools and resources at their disposal to improve the safety of our streets and give people active transportation options. Under the new provincial mandate, Mayor Tory has both the power and opportunity to rebalance investments into programs and initiatives that will result in improving public health outcomes, creating a more equitable city, and putting an end to road violence.

We will continue to be a strong voice for people of all ages and abilities who bike, walk or roll at City Hall over the next 4 years. 

For more information about the 10 action priorities for Safe and Active Streets for All visit:

Safe and Active Streets for All

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