Support TTC Riders and Call for Investment in Public Transit

Investing in the TTC is key to a well-connected active transportation network in Toronto

A healthy, sustainable, and vibrant city includes a well-connected transportation network that prioritizes an efficient, affordable, and accessible public transit system active transportation options. As Toronto struggles from the ongoing economic impact of COVID-19, our city must prioritize a more sustainable and equitable future which must include increasing investment in the TTC. Providing service improvements for the TTC is necessary if the city is to achieve its ambitious TransformTO target of having 75% of all trips under 5 km made by active modes of transportation such as public transit, walking and biking by 2030. 

The TTC’s proposed budget for 2023 includes a fare hike of ten cents, as well as a 9% reduction in services, which would result in more crowded and less frequent buses, subways, and streetcars. According to the transit advocacy group TTC Riders, these budget cuts would severely impact vulnerable groups the most: seniors, women traveling alone or at night, people with disabilities, workers deemed ‘essential’ such as shift workers, food delivery gig workers, and low-income and racialized people. As people who bike, taking public transit helps extend longer trips, and supports travel when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

On January 9th, the TTC held a Board Meeting to discuss the budget, and we were among many other groups and individuals who deputed on behalf of transit users across the City. The meeting made it clear that these changes would negatively impact people all across the city, and that we need to find solutions that will work better for all. A full recording of the meeting can be found here:

Watch the Recording

Bikes locked outside subway stationPhoto courtesy of Urban Toronto

At Cycle Toronto, we recognize the power of a multi-modal transportation network, and we understand that riding a bike is not feasible for every resident of Toronto. Expanding transportation options does not have to be an either/or equation–the combination of cycling and transit is integral to bridging gaps in both modes of transport, such as the first and last mile problem which describes the distance an individual must travel to reach a transit station. 

Cycle Toronto therefore supports TTC Riders’ calls to protect the TTC from service cuts and are advocating for: 

  • Improving TTC service and reversing the proposed service cuts.
  • Increasing city funding for the TTC through other revenue tools that don’t rely on user fees.
  • Investing in supportive staff roles who are trained to de-escalate crisis situations, not more policing.
  • Funding the Fair Pass program in its entirety and lowering fares for all.

As City Council debates on the city’s 2023 budget, let the Mayor know that investing in the TTC and reversing the proposed fare hike and service cuts is a priority. 

Support the calls of TTC Riders today by submitting an automatic letter to Mayor Tory.

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