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Interested in bringing a Street Smarts cycling workshop to your workplace or to the community? It can be as simple as inviting us to your event! Workshops that are open to the public we are often able to provide free of charge to the organizer and attendees and private workshops are available for a fee. We generally ask for at least two weeks' notice to provide a workshop and cannot guarantee our availability at a specific time or location.

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Note that Civic Engagement and Cycling cannot be requested through this form. If you are interested in hosting this workshop, please email [email protected] with the relevant information.

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What we offer

Cycle Toronto's interactive Street Smarts workshops cover the benefits of commuting by bicycle, laws that govern cyclists and motorists, techniques for safe street riding, basic bike maintenance, route selections, and more. We also provide copies of our Toronto Cycling Handbook and bike maps where possible. Every workshop is an hour long and includes time for questions.

Our trained facilitators have presented to both new cyclists and seasoned commuters. We do lunch'n'learns, evening presentations, and weekend sessions — including private workshops for businesses and government agencies, and public workshops at libraries and community centres for a discounted rate.



  • “I feel more confident to ride in this city.”
  • “Learned a lot! Great for new/wannabe daily cyclists.”
  • “I actually didn't know a lot of this.”
  • “Encouraged to cycle more.”
  • “I never really considered riding during the winter. Now I might.”
  • “Made me want to consider cycling to work.”
  • “Feel more confident that I can ride on the road.”
  • “Excellent session. All cyclists should have a chance to attend.”
  • “[Made] the topic accessible to all ages & levels of experience.”
  • “I learned more rules for a car driver perspective in regards to cyclists.”
  • “Suggest drivers attend as well, there's a lot of information they could use.”

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