Ward 18: Willowdale

Willowdale is bounded by the city limits to the north, Bathurst Street and the West Don Valley to the west, Highway 401 to the south, and Bayview Avenue to the east. The ward is home to several landmarks, including Mel Lastman Square and the Toronto Centre for the Arts, and includes the neighbourhoods of Willowdale, Lansing, Newtonbrook, and North York Centre.

In 2018, Councillor John Filion was elected to represent Ward 18 on Toronto City Council.


#BuildTheGrid: Cycle Toronto's 2018 Municipal Election Campaign

During Toronto's 2018 municipal election campaign, Cycle Toronto surveyed every mayoral and council candidate with three questions to see where each stood on the building of Toronto's 10-Year Cycling Network Plan.

Here is how Councillor John Filion responded to our three #BuildTheGrid survey questions:

  1. Do you commit to supporting building protected bike lanes on main streets, including the major corridors identified in The Cycling Network Plan?
      1. In general, yes. As with my other comments I don’t like to pre-commit in 100% of cases without knowing all the details and whether a situation has changed, or something else has become a better alternative or higher priority.
  2. Do you commit to supporting building safe, connected routes in your ward as identified in the 10-Year Cycling Network Plan?
      2. Yes – and probably more than that.
  3. Do you commit to supporting accelerating the Cycling Network Plan to be built in the next four years?
      3. Likely yes, but financial situations always need to be examined in conjunction with all other high priorities and changing situations – e.g. the Province withdrawing funding which, unfortunately, I expect a lot of.