What does it take to get someone on a bike?

I’m Taneisha, and I’m the Community Outreach Coordinator at Cycle Toronto. This year, I was excited to lead our effort to bring cycling engagement activities to all 25 wards in the city — a first for our organization. Through pop-up bike safety stations, Get Lit! bike light giveaways, and educational workshops, we invited Torontonians – whether they ride a bike or not – to engage with cycling as a vital mode of transportation. Having this city-wide presence was a tremendous challenge and accomplishment for us, and I’m so proud of our team of staff and volunteers for making it happen!

What does it take to build a culture of cycling?

I’m Sonam and I’m the Engagement Coordinator at Cycle Toronto. As someone who started riding a bike in Toronto less than a year ago, I don’t exactly fit the mold of your typical cycling advocate. But by using my passion for sustainable living and community organizing, and my perspective as a new rider, I hope to help others all over Toronto to discover or deepen their love of cycling. New riders like myself and more seasoned riders need to go forth together and share in our successes.