Midtown Yonge

ACTION: Support the midtown Yonge Complete Street pilot!

The pilot project for Midtown Yonge Bikeways is up for a decision at the end of March 2022!

This Tuesday, the fate of the transformational project will be decided by the Infrastructure and Environment Committee.

City staff have recommended continuing the Yonge pilot to July 2023 to collect more data and make adjustments as people return to work or school.

Council Votes: Midtown Yonge bike lanes in 2021?

We asked you to write to City Council about bringing bike lanes to midtown Yonge Street and hundreds responded. Today, City Council voted 19 to 3 for City staff to examine transforming midtown Yonge from Bloor to north of Lawrence as was done for Destination Danforth, with bike lanes, patios, greenery, and parking by spring 2021.