cycling through winter

My first bike ride was in the middle of winter and I loved it!

I was cruising down Bloor Street near Lansdowne Avenue on a frigid February afternoon when I fell in love with riding a bike as an adult. My heart sang adrenaline into every corner of my body; I couldn’t believe I’d ever stopped riding. However, my ungloved fingers were cold and I was borrowing the bike I was using, so I whipped ‘round and headed back to Bike Pirates where I dropped my last $100 on a road bike that was older than me. From that point forward, my winter cycling journey was underway.

Don't let wet leaves get in the way of a smooth journey.


While fall colours make Toronto a beautiful place to be outdoors this time of year, falling leaves can create slippery conditions for city cyclists. Turning, braking, and accelerating can become more challenging maneuvers that were previously done with ease, while other hazards can become hidden under damp orange foliage.