Cycling Network Plan

Bike Plan City Council Update

City Council was in session last week, with a long list of bike infrastructure that was voted on. We've pushed long and hard to ensure our politicians know that building a grid of high quality bike lanes across Toronto is what their constituents want, and now. Thanks to those efforts, the time has come to rejoice! 

Thanks to our members' support, these important projects are moving forward:

Message to Toronto's Budget Committee: The funding is there. Let's get serious about building the Cycling Network Plan

Photo: Marvin Macaraig

Good evening. My name is Paula. I am a long-time Toronto resident and cyclist, and I am an active member of Cycle Toronto. I am here to urge the city to accelerate the implementation of Toronto's cycling plan and grow Toronto's cycling infrastructure and to make these objectives a priority in the 2018 budget. These measures are good for the city, and good for all of us.