First Batch of 2022 Bikeways and the Yonge street pilot gets extended until 2023!

We did it. The past two days have been huge for fans of cycling and active transportation initiatives at City Hall! With the help of our volunteers, members, donors, supporters, plus City staff and City Councillors, Cycle Toronto was able to continue the momentum that was generated with the rapid installation of the popular ActiveTO program.

2020 ActiveTO Permanent, 100 km of New Bikeways in Three Years

We did it! Yesterday was a big day for cycling at City Hall! Cycle Toronto is only able to push for these wins with the help of our supporters, so thank you to all of our volunteers, members, donors, supporters, petition signers, Councillor champions, City staff, and everyone who made this happen!

The impact of these changes to our city’s streets cannot be overstated. Here’s an overview of what happened and what’s next.


Progress on Port Union Road Bike Lanes & Public Meeting

You may have heard that the City’s proposing a slew of cycling projects to be built in 2022-2024. We shared an overview of the proposed Cycling Plan update so that you can email City Council before they vote on the proposed projects.

One of those projects is for a Port Union bikeway. A second public meeting is happening Tuesday about the Port Union Road improvements. We asked you to attend the first meeting in May and ask for three things:

ACTION: Big votes on ActiveTO, 2022-2024 bikeways, and more

This could be the reality for cycling across much more of Toronto with your support.


City Council’s final Infrastructure and Environment Committee (IEC) meeting of the year is on December 2, and the agenda includes hundreds of pages of City staff recommendations related to cycling under three broad categories. 

ACTION: Protected bike lanes on Ellesmere & Kingston from McCowan to the Rouge

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The Durham-Scarborough Bus Rapid Transit (DSBRT) project is about more than just dedicated bus lanes; its vision includes protected cycling infrastructure on Ellesmere and Kingston Roads from McCowan Road all the way to the Rouge Valley. 

Kingston Road Should Have Protected Bike Lanes: Hear from the community

We’ve already introduced you to our Connect Yonge, Thorncliffe Park and Flemingdon Park, and Scarborough campaigns, now we’re pleased to introduce you to Connect Kingston; the bridge between Danforth Avenue and Eglinton Avenue in Scarborough. Hear from community champions on what effect protected bike lanes on Kingston Road will have.

Meet Scarborough Residents Calling for Protected Bike Lanes

The cycling community in Toronto continues to grow – and with that, so does the demand for a safe cycling network. As a Scarborough resident, I, along with thousands of others, want healthy transportation options to and from home, work, schools, parks, and everywhere in between. Our Connect Scarborough campaign asks for a network of connected, protected bike lanes in Scarborough.

Move365 Connect is here

In recent years, we have focused on building out the spine of our cycling network to bring you bike lanes on three major roads: Bloor Street, Danforth Avenue, and Yonge Street. After years of tireless work with countless people and organizations, as of last week, bike lanes have been installed on all three of these roads! Politicians, businesses, and residents alike have all begun to see that bike lanes help things work better for everyone on our streets.

And yet, vast parts of our city do not have safe places to ride.