Revelo is a Toronto bike design and technology company focused on innovations to improve the urban bike commute. Revelo designs fold and roll faster, store thinner, ride easier. Revelo's folding bike designs (LIFT pedal and FLEX electric) fold & roll in seconds, are ultra-portable and flexible for full journey or mix-mode travel. Revelo's THINstem transforms regular bikes into "thin bikes" for easier & safer storage, and friendlier navigation through crowds. With this simple stem replacement, you can quickly rotate your handlebar 90-degrees for riding in "wide mode" or walking and storage in "thin mode". THINstem lowers the stress of living with a bike in the city so you will ride more. Revelo is honoured to be recipient of multiple awards including ACCE's Most Innovative 2016, MaRS Upstart 2012, and Eugene Yao Bicycle Design 2011; and media features including CBC's Disrupting Design. Revelo is proud to be a Toronto startup that is helping to reshape the future of cleaner personal transportation. Revelo is growing its sales team - please contact or visit their website


42 Industrial Street, Unit 108, M4G 1Y9

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