A pioneer in customized career and whole life solutions since 2001, our amazing team of CareerCycles Associates deliver innovative, breakthrough career management programs and services that are unrivalled in human capital services, career development, career transition, and employee development. CareerCycles sets itself apart from other career management companies with our highly refined and proven Narrative Assessment System. Through our sister company, OneLifeTools, co-founded by CareerCycles practice leader, Mark Franklin, we’ve trained over 1000 helping professionals from top institutions in this Narrative Assessment System. Having been published in peer-reviewed journal articles, textbook chapters and popular press, we are a driving force in the Career Management shift away from traditional tests and assessments and towards more holistic and narrative methods and frameworks. From the classroom to the boardroom, we empower, inspire and spark high levels of engagement and wellbeing, performance and productivity. With national experience in virtually every professional sector we apply a distinctive, holistic and narrative approach that optimizes career, community and business choices in our fast-paced, ever-changing world.


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