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Ride For Safe Streets 2020 Distanced Ride Week

Saturday, Sept 19, 2020, to Sunday, Sept 27, 2020
Live Stream Event Saturday, Sept 26th, 2020

About the Ride For Safe Streets (RFSS)

The ride is still on! Ride with us virtually and distanced at the 7th annual Ride for Safe Streets presented by Bike Law!  

With health and safety front of mind, Cycle Toronto is shifting its flagship fundraiser, the Ride for Safe Streets presented by Bike Law, to become a “virtual” ride. What can you expect in 2020? Sweet swag, new routes, and more! Ride one of two (or three) routes anytime during our Ride for Safe Streets week between Saturday, September 19, and Sunday, September 27th.

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What is Safe? And Safe Streets for whom?

As an organization, we have been reflecting on who we are and who we want to be. We acknowledge that Cycle Toronto has not created safe and inclusive spaces for Black and racialized communities, Indigenous Peoples, and other marginalized groups. Our advocacy work has not adequately centered their needs and experiences in the fight for improved cycling access and safer streets.

We have much to learn and we are likely to make mistakes, but we are committed to doing this work. Two questions we’ve been asking ourselves are “what is safe?” and “safe for whom?”. These are very relevant questions, considering our mission is to advocate for a safe, healthy, and vibrant cycling city for all. Cycle Toronto’s focus necessarily includes the health, safety, and vibrancy of people.

We've spent a lot of energy bringing better infrastructure to Toronto's streets. And this year with #ActiveTO and Bloor West Extension we've had historic successes focused downtown. More work needs to be done midtown, and in Etobicoke, North York, and Scarborough to build a truly equitable cycling network across the city. Building relationships and partnerships with stakeholders and community groups will take time and require more than just drawing lines on a map.

We also know that not all people experience a lack of safety in the same way. This is why we are trying to learn and to broaden our scope of work to prioritize a person’s freedom to move. Freedom to move through public space needs to become more broadly understood, through reflection on how advocacy, education, and enforcement can best evolve, by taking to heart a diversity of perspectives and centering concerns of equity more seriously. 

We are growing into this work, and that is why we need your help.


  • Individual registration for $40.
  • You’ll be entered into a drawing for a $500 gift card from a local bike shop; the winner gets to choose from either Sweet Pete’s Bike Shop or Urbane Cyclist.
  • Every single rider gets a limited edition teal paisley bike bandana for free
  • $120 for a Quaranteam of 4, and another $30 for each additional rider. 
    • Contact with team member names, emails and addresses.
  • Three distance options: 15km, 40km, and 80km. We'll have some suggested routes, or you can ride where you please.

Please note

  • Ride your route, alone or with your bubble during ride week. Always adhere to all Toronto Public Health rules.
  • Due to the pandemic, this is not an escorted group ride.
  • LIVE STREAM CELEBRATION EVENT: Saturday, September 26th.
  • All proceeds support advocacy for safer streets around Toronto.

Gear Pickup and Greet-Points

Bandanas are in, and we also have number plates to attatch to your handlebars. Use them to let people know that you're Riding for Safe Streets

Pickup from the office (@ 192 Spadina Ave - call 416-644-7188 on arrival)
Friday, September 18, 10AM to 5PM
Wednesday, September 23, 10AM to 5PM
Friday, September 25, 3PM-6PM

Come find the orange cargo bike, say hi, and pick up your gear at any of our 3 RFSS Greet-Points (weather depending):

Saturday, September 19, 10am-2pm: ActiveTO Lake Shore E

Sunday, September 20, 10am-2pm: Yonge and Queens Quay

Saturday, September 26, 10am-2pm: Active TO Lake Shore W


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Possible Routes Options

These routes are just suggestions. Feel free to modify. Always obey all rules of the road, and be mindful of traffic and other issues. Reminder that the ActiveTO Major Road Openings on Lake Shore West, Lake Shore East, and lower Bayview are only closed to cars on weekends and running until the end of September.

15km - West-end: Lake Shore West ActiveTO

If you live on the west side and plan on riding on the weekend, this is a great reason to make it down to the ActiveTO weekend road opening Lake Shore Boulevard W. Two of the best ways to get down to the lake include Shaw St, or down through High Park. Once you’re down near Lakeshore, it’s easy to add some distance along the Martin Goodman Trail, and head out to the Humber Bridge and back. If you’re riding with young people or newer riders, ActiveTO Lake Shore W from Stadium Rd to Windermere Ave is 5.5 km. So back and forth and back again gets you 15 km carfree!

15km East-end: Lake Shore East ActiveTO

If you’re one the east side of Toronto, then this is a great opportunity to check out the Lakeshore Ave E ActiveTO happening between Leslie  St and Woodbine Ave. This is really great because it provides a wonderful connection to Tommy Thompson Park - truly a waterfront gem. Two good ways to access this ActiveTO location is via the protected bike lanes on Woodbine Ave, or coming down Jones Ave. ActiveTO Lake Shore E runs about 2.2 km from Leslie St to Kew Gardens Ave.

40KM :East-West Waterfront Trail Connector

There are protected bike lanes across the Bloor-Danforth corridor - which is worth riding in their entirety. High Park is a wonderful way to get to/from the waterfront. The Waterfront trail is a beautiful ride, and is a bit less crowded in the fall. You can access ActiveTO Bayview to connect to Lower Don Rec trail and connects to the trail along Taylor Creek in the east-end - and connects to Dawes Rd, which is the terminus of the Danforth lanes. It’s also worth noting that doing 5-6 laps of the nearest ActiveTO location is a great way to get a solid distance in with no cars, and few reasons to stop

80KM: The Big Loop 

Courtesy of the Toronto Bicycling Network. For the confident rider, this route has features Humber valley trail, heading up to the Thistletown neighborhood - cutting across the top of the city, then connecting with the recreational trail along the Don River, then wrapping up along the waterfront trail. All in all, a wonderful loop around the city.

80KM alternative: Balmy Beach Club to Port Credit + Leslie Spit

This is a classic out-and-back route to Port Credit. It is all on quiet roads adn trails, but needs a bit of wayfinding to conenct the segments. During weekends, there will be ActiveTO barrels out along First St until Marie Curtis Park. As Port Credit isn't that far, doing a trip out to the lighthouse at the tip of Tommy Thompson Park is a senic way to add some distance.

Live Stream Panel on Road Safety

September 26th is when the 7th annual Ride for Safe Streets presented by Bike Law Canada would be taking place. In lieu riding together this year, we wanted to convene participants to reflect on all the reasons we ride. In the midst of all that has happened in 2020, it is safe to say that it has been a boom year for biking in Toronto. The city has had a historic year with over 40km of bike lanes installed. Recent polling shows that support for more bike lanes is as high as 85%. This year is also a ten-year low for people being killed or seriously injured by traffic violence. Do all these signs simply point to a slam-dunk for road safety, or is there more to explore? Join us, as our panelists dive into these questions. 

Date: Saturday Sept 26th
Time: 2:30PM-3:30PMTitle: Safe Streets - What is ‘safe', and safe for who?
Location: Zoom hosted by Cycle Toronto

  • Darnel Harris (Our Greenway), 

  • Jess Spieker (Friends and Families for Safe Streets), 

  • Melissa Dowrie (Bike Law Canada).



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