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What does Cycle Toronto, the charity, do?

Advocacy: We talk to elected officials, City staff, community organizations, and individuals with the goal of creating equitable and safe spaces for riding your bike. 

We have several major campaigns that have seen big success in recent years, and we have now moved into the next phase of our advocacy work to create a more interconnected city from Etobicoke, to Scarborough, and from North York to the downtown core. Our Move365 vision includes: 

Connecting Neighborhoods and Areas 

  • Connect Scarborough

  • Connect Thorncliffe Park and Flemingdon Park

New Corridors, New Campaigns

  • Eglinton for Everyone

  • Connect Kingston

  • Connect Sheppard 

Our First Campaigns, Refreshed

  • Connect Bloor

  • Connect Danforth

  • Connect Yonge

Education: We run workshops, collaborate with our partner CultureLink on the Bike to School Project, provide online and printed materials, and set up outreach events to engage with the community. We also launched StreetSmartsTO, setting up bike safety stations in every ward of Toronto in the summer of 2021. 

Encouragement: Bike Month is a highlight of every year and marks our biggest encouragement program where we showcase how fun and easy it is to ride a bike. When public health guidelines allow, we run rides and other fun events for people to join all year long.

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