A win for cyclist safety in Ontario: Higher fines for dooring cyclists, distracted driving and riding without lights take effect Sept 1, 2015

The Ministry of Transportation released the set fine schedule yesterday for a variety of new rules of the road that impacts people riding bicycles across Ontario, including:

  • Dooring a cyclist: $365 set fine and three demerit points

  • Distracted driving: $490 set fine and three demerit points

  • Passing a cyclist: drivers must leave one metre when passing a cyclist or face a $110 set fine and two demerit points

  • Improper lighting of a bicycle: $110 set fine and no demerit points (cyclists are exempt from demerit point system)

The Province was originally considering increasing the fine for riding without lights from $20 to $500. We raised issues with this at Queen’s Park and are pleased with the more modest increase.  

The new set fines are good news for cyclist safety across Ontario. The changes take effect Sept 1, 2015.

We’re continuing our work advocating to Queen's Park to enact strong Vulnerable Road User laws. Learn more about the campaign here. Support our work by joining Cycle Toronto or making a donation today!

By Jared Kolb on Aug 27, 2015