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Last week, City Council met for the first time since the pandemic began. They voted to have City officials provide more space for people cycling, walking, and taking transit, and Council asked for a report on how to fast-track Vision Zero and Cycling Network Plan projects.

These are encouraging decisions, and now we need to start seeing results. We need you to tell the City where we need more space to bike and walk.

This past weekend we enjoyed the best weather we’ve had in months, and it will only get better in the weeks ahead. Toronto Public Health even recommends going outside for your mental and physical health. It makes sense that we saw lots of people getting exercise and enjoying the weather while trying to remain physically distant, but keeping that space wasn’t always possible.

Toronto Public Health: Enjoy the outdoors while keeping a physical distance. Images of people walking and biking
Image Source: Toronto Public Health

We are continuing to advocate for active transportation when we talk to City Councillors, but we need your help. #CurbTO is a first step to address congestion at sidewalk hotspots but more people are using bikes to make their essential trips and need to have space to safely ride. Councillors need to know that having space for active transportation is a priority for their constituents.

We have prepared a sample email below. Please edit it so that it’s personal and ensure your voice is heard by letting your councillor know where YOU would like to see streets transformed.

Sample Email:

Note: Everything in Bold & Italics must be personalized.

To: <Click here to find your Councillor's email address>

Sample subject lines:

  • I want to see temporary space for active transportation
  • I love to bike and walk - please make sure it’s safe!
  • Safe streets now please - please make these streets safer to bike and walk
  • Create more space for my health

Sample text:

Dear Councillor and Mayor, 

It was encouraging to see Council vote for more space for people cycling, walking, and taking transit, and to fast-track Cycling Network Plan and Vision Zero projects. Now, I am counting on you to act.

We need more space for active transportation to make sure everyone has enough room to safely walk, bike, and roll. In my ward, my top 3 priorities for more space for cycling are:

  1. Street Name
  2. Road Name
  3. Park / Trail Name

When will there be space allocated to these streets so that people can cycle and walk safely? This is important to me because my family and I are making more of our essential trips by bike, and I need to spend time outdoors for my physical and mental wellbeing.

Last weekend, I tried my best, as did everyone around me, to follow Toronto Public Health guidance on going outside for exercise but keeping physically distant, but there was just not enough space to make that happen. As the weather gets better I fear crowding and lack of safe streets will only get worse.

Also, I need to be able to safely access my favourite local shops so that I can support their economic success. My neighbours and I want to cycle and walk to support our local neighbourhood businesses.

I am counting on you to make the streets in my neighbourhood safe.


Your Name

Your postal code or address


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Thank you,

Tamara Nahal
Community Engagement Manager


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By on May 06, 2020

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