Street Smarts 2019

Street Smarts 2019 Fundraising Goal $25000. Donate Now. Child learning about bikes.

Photo courtesy of Yvonne Bambrick

*Updated December 31st*

Over $21,459 raised so far. 2019 is almost up and we're almost at our goal!

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Street Smarts 2019

December 3rd marks the return of our annual Street Smarts drive where we raise funds to deliver our cycling education programs to people across the city. So, we want to share our cycling education goals for 2020 goals.

Although we’ve had a lot of recent success advocating for the Bloor bike lane extension and other infrastructure projects, that is not the only thing we do to improve cycling in Toronto. As we grow our cycling network, education is key to creating the safe, cycling-friendly city we want to live in. 

Bike Maintenance Workshop at Toronto Public Library

A challenge for many people is they learn to ride a bike from family and friends; if they don’t know a knowledgeable rider, they have no one to learn from. Even within Toronto, resources can be hard to find, and courses can be expensive and time consuming. Some people don’t even know to look in the first place. We’re trying to change that. 

Cycling education can empower people with the confidence and knowledge necessary to ride a bike in our busy city. We want cycling education to be easy to access for everyone from children to adults.This is why we’re committed to growing our Street Smarts program in partnership with CultureLink Settlement and Community Services, through the Bike to School Project. 

Bike to School Week participants

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Since 2013, we have been proud to partner with CultureLink Settlement and Community Services on the Bike to School Project, where we work with educators to provide bike programs at schools in the Toronto District School Board. This is an important proving ground where we deliver bike rodeos, road safety workshops, riding skills workshops, and more to students. Some of the Bike to School Project’s achievements so far are: 

  • 45,000+ Students have participated in cycling education programs
  • 100 Bikes purchased for group activities
  • 190 Bicycle parking spots installed
  • 130,000+ Bike to School Week student participants at schools in the GTHA and beyond

We want the Bike to School Project to grow and thrive, but the program has been supported by provincial funding which is not confirmed for 2020. We want to create more opportunities to support the project through our Street Smarts drive this year.

Our Streets Smarts program isn’t limited to the Bike To School Project; we offer dozens of free workshops every year, we distribute the Toronto Cyclist’s Handbook and the families edition, free lights at Get Lit!, and we created the Road Rules video series in an effort to build empathy on our streets. These programs reach far beyond schools, enabling people of all ages to enjoy cycling in the city.

Handing out lights and safety info at Get Lit!

Our dream is to bring high-quality active transportation education to every Torontonian that wants it. We want everyone to know what it’s like to ride a bike; the way you relate to your city, how fun it can be, the money it can save, and how to stay safe on the road. This vision involves a long journey, and we’re still in the early days, with a long way to go. You can help us on the way. 

Donate now and you’ll get a charitable tax receipt. Under “Fund” select “2 - Cycling Program - Street Smarts Educational Activities.”

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