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ActiveTO: Closing Streets, Opening Bike Lanes & What’s Next

ActiveTO to rebalance Toronto’s streets and create more space for people biking

By on May 08, 2020

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Empty street stretches off into the distance between skyscrapers

Ring & Post: We're riding through a pandemic to get to a better Toronto

COVID-19 has changed the way we use our public space. This street is a blank slate where we can imagine and plan for a better future.

By on May 06, 2020

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Image showing people enjoying active transportation outside

Tell your councillor you need safe streets now

Last week, City Council met for the first time since the pandemic began. Let them know where you'd like to see your city improved.

By on May 06, 2020

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Council Approves Cycling Projects, Creating Space for People Walking, Cycling

Cycling and Vision Zero projects move forward during Council’s first emergency meeting.

By Kevin Rupasinghe on May 01, 2020

  City Council, Toronto City Council, Vision Zero, COVID-19, Rebalancing Streets

Protecting the Martin Goodman Trail: Enbridge won’t dig up Queens Quay

Cycle Toronto opposed Enbridge Gas' proposal to use Queens Quay and jeopardise MGT to replace a natural gas line

By Michael Longfield on May 01, 2020

  Enbridge Gas, Construction, Queens Quay, Martin Goodman Trail

Cycling Infrastructure Outside the Core

From leafy trails to rustic bridges, there are many examples of cycling infrastructure all across the city. Here are some of our favourites.

Open letter to Toronto Office of Recovery and Rebuild

Toronto deserves a bold vision for a recovery that is green and just.

By Michael Longfield on Apr 29, 2020

  COVID-19, Rebalancing Streets

Smiling woman wearing a bike helmet

High Visibility: Biking to the Frontline featuring Rosa Phillip

Rosa picked up cycling as part of rehab for a knee injury, fell in love with riding, and has only increased her number of trips since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

By on Apr 24, 2020

  High Visibility, COVID-19, road rules

Vegetables in a market

Tips for Shopping by Bike

As public health guidelines have evolved to include only shopping for groceries once per week this has become difficult for many. Grocery shopping by bike can allow you to get all the supplies you need for a week and beyond.

By on Apr 17, 2020

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Two images of the same women on a bike. One has a sign that says "Just a nurse biking to work"

High Visibility: Biking to the Frontline featuring Carmen Jones

High Visibility is a profile series of Toronto bike riders. Carmen Jones is an oncology nurse and our first subject.

By on Apr 14, 2020

  COVID-19, High Visibility