Request for Quotation: bicycle lock cutting service


Request for Quotation: Bicycle Lock Cutting Service for Cycle Toronto

Cycle Toronto is Toronto’s largest member-based advocacy group, with over 2500 members and thousands of supporters around the city. We want to offer up to one free bicycle lock cutting service per year to every member of our organization. We are inviting interested service providers to submit a quote that would be used to set prices for bicycle lock cutting services for our membership.

Quotations can be submitted by, or before February 28th, 2017 at 5:00pm.

For submission of quotation, please follow the requirements listed below. Please also take note of the conditions pertaining to the service agreement, as per the following:

Payment Ters: 30 days
Contact Person: Mark Romeril <>
Quote submission: Send quote to with subject line  "Bicycle Lock Cutting Service Quote"

Requirements for Service Provided

  1. Provide lock cutting or de-icing service

  2. Protocol to ensure request is made by owner of bicycle.

  3. Service provided within 24h of request.

Proposed Scope of Service Agreement

Our goal is to provide a bicycle lock cutting service to all members of Cycle Toronto. The service would be limited to residents of the City of Toronto. Please quote for Service Area 1 requests (Humber River to Victoria Park Ave to Eglinton Ave) and Service Area 2 requests (Etobicoke, North York and Scarborough).

Proposed Service Eligibility and Verification of Ownership

Eligibility would be limited to members and is non-transferable. Members are issued membership cards with an expiration date. Email receipts could also serve as proof of membership. In addition to in-person proof, Cycle Toronto staff will log service request in database. We hold office hours between 9:30am and 5:30pm from Monday to Friday. Process of verification of bicycle ownership is up the the service provider’s discretion. 

Period of Proposed Service Agreement

Prices would be set for 2 years until April 1st 2019. After submission of the quotation, any price variation, changes to the scope, or requirements of service agreement will be communicated in writing. Either party can end the agreement at any time, providing 30 days notice in writing.

By mark romeril on Feb 17, 2017