PROJECT UPDATE: Protected Bike Lanes on Richmond Adelaide!

Protected bike lanes can help to reduce the stress and make cycling safer for people biking downtown, especially for novice cyclists. Richmond and Adelaide Streets are prime candidates. Richmond Street and Adelaide Street are high volume roads with average speeds above 40km/h. To learn more about the development of this project here


PROJECT UPDATE: Extend the lanes on Richmond & Adelaide to Parliament in 2015!
April 1st, 2015

Protected bike lanes on Richmond-Adelaide will provide a much needed east-west connection for cyclists to access downtown Toronto and the waterfront. Thank you to the more than 190 people that responded to our action alert and wrote members of PWIC for their May 2014 meeting. The next step is extend the lanes to Parliament and beyond! Phase 2 of this pilot project, which would see an extension from Simcoe to Parliament, is slated for 2015. We have recommended that protected intesections be adopted as a part of the pilot to ensure a safer and more efficient way to manage the negotiations between cyclists and drivers. We are anticipating a report from Staff at the June meeting of the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee. Stay tuned!

Construction of the Peter Street bike lanes have been deferred to later in 2015. These lanes will be introduced both north and south bound from King St West to Queen St West. The City has stated that while the long term recommendation is to install physically separated cycle tracks and a wider sidewalk, the ongoing condo construction in the area and related road occupations do not make this possible in the short term. 

More information about the various stages of the project can be found on the City of Toronto's cycling website


By Bex McKnigt on Apr 01, 2015