Move365: Your gift will unlock our potential

Cycle Toronto Move 365 is more than just bikes. A teal and black colour scheme prevades. The "V" in "Move" is stylized to look like a map pin. A map is in the background.

Thank you. Together we accomplished a lot this year. Without your continued support we would not have been able to:

  • Advocate for a historic expansion and improvement of cycling infrastructure
  • Achieve major progress on our campaigns along Bloor, Danforth, and Yonge
  • Run a socially distanced celebration of cycling with Bike Month
  • Facilitate the digital Start Biking Challenge and dozens of online cycling education workshops
  • Operate commuter stations in more locations than ever before

A blue map pin has been dropped on stylized blue mapHowever, as we saw with bike lanes being ripped out in Scarborough while bike lanes connecting Thorncliffe Park and Flemingdon Park still have not been built, there is more work to be done. That is why we are launching Move365. 

Allow for continued growth of relationships with organizations that support equity-seeking groups as a central focus

Move365 will:

  • Ensure our education and outreach continues to co-power communities to expand working with local groups particularly focused on Toronto identified Neighbourhood Improvement Areas and COVID19 hotspots 
  • Continue our learning by funding professional anti-oppression and anti-racist training and development

Cycle Toronto’s resiliency must include staffing resources to meet the challenges of building more equitable transportation networks. By helping us reach $10,000 in donations before the end of the year, you will be unlocking our first milestone toward delivering this programming in 2021. We have lofty goals for Move365 including to eventually seed a Bike Champions program and co-power community leaders with the tools, skills, and training to create possibilities and change transportation infrastructure in their communities. But we need your help. 

It was your time, your effort, and your support that ferried Cycle Toronto to all of our successes. As Interim Executive Director I have merely been a helmsman doing my best to honour your wishes and keep the organization pointed in the right direction. But my time at the helm will come to an end. Cycle Toronto can move forward without me, but it cannot move forward without you. Support the future of our organization, donate to Move365 now.

Michael Longfield
Interim Executive Director and Cycle Toronto member since 2010

By on Dec 14, 2020

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