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It’s time for O’Connor Drive to be redesigned as a complete street — safer and healthier for everyone. Following an 81 year-old’s life being taken on O’Connor near Pape Avenue, local Councillors Fletcher and Bradford are working with local residents to turn O’Connor from a dangerous driving thoroughfare to a safe public space.

O’Connor is designed to be treated as a highway near family homes, schools, and businesses; an extension of the Don Valley Parkway. This community deserves safer, healthier public spaces. 

Next week, Councillor Fletcher is hosting a virtual town hall with local residents and City staff to discuss road safety on O’Connor. 

Date: Tuesday, November 16
Time: 7-8:30PM

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The best way to make O’Connor a complete street that works for everyone is to repurpose a car lane in each direction — a road diet. A road diet can take on many different configurations because the repurposed driving space can be prioritized for walking, cycling, sitting, parking, dining, or more. 

In Toronto, road diets have worked best on streets like Bloor Street or Danforth Avenue by pairing the road diet with protected bike lanes. Not only did these complete streets see huge growth in healthy, affordable transportation trips, they became much safer for everyone - on Bloor, the road diet and protected bikeway led to a much safer street:

  • car-bike conflicts down by 61%
  • car-pedestrian conflicts down by 55%
  • car-car conflicts down by 71%

City Council has approved a lower speed limit on O’Connor, and that has to be paired with a redesign that makes O’Connor a complete street for everybody no matter how they choose to get around.

Please, attend the town hall on Tuesday, and email the Councillors to share your support for a safer O’Connor.

Email Councillors Fletcher & Bradford

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By on Nov 15, 2021

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