Bike Law team at 2017 Ride for safe streets

Why Bike Law Rides for Safe Streets     

Bike Law is presenting the 2018 Ride for Safe Streets. Find out how they're working to support people who have been seriously injured while cycling, and their families.

By sarah bradley on Sep 19, 2018

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Our amazing 2017 Canvass team

Ring & Post: September 2018

Read highlights from our #BuildtheGrid election campaign, along with exciting fall announcements.

32 Spokes responds to The Sun's critique of the Woodbine bike lanes

One of our ward groups, 32 Spokes, responds to Ms. Levy's critique of the City's counting methodologies and explains why the Woodbine bike lanes hold promise.

Election advocacy updates

When it comes to the municipal election, the waters may still be muddy - but we're ready to hit the ground for our #BuildtheGrid campaign

View from a car dashboard

When motor vehicles are weaponized

Earlier this week we saw a CBC video showing a disturbing incident on the Martin Goodman Trail. Here are our thoughts on how the person driving should be charged.

Woodbine bike lanes are a move in the right direction

Since the Woodbine bike lanes were installed in 2017, the number of people cycling there has more than doubled.

Open Streets Pop Up Bike Lane on Danforth

Advocacy update: Danforth & Eglinton West

Danforth Ave. and Eglinton Ave. W. are ripe for change. Here's what we're doing to push for Complete Streets.

By sarah bradley on Aug 17, 2018

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Road with streetcar tracks

Advocacy update: #BuildtheGrid in this unpredictable election landscape

Find out how the proposed reduction of wards from 47 to 25 will affect our #BuildtheGrid campaign.

How to navigate intersections

Left, right, or straight through? Here's how to navigate intersections confidently

Enter the Bloor-Annex Bike & Shop social media contest

Post a photo of what you bought by bike & you could win $250 to spend at Curbside or Sweet Pete's.

By sarah bradley on Jul 23, 2018

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