#GivingTuesday Fundraising: Move365 is more than just bikes

Cycle Toronto Move 365 is more than just bikes. A teal and black colour scheme prevades. The "V" in "Move" is stylized to look like a map pin. A map is in the background.


Do you believe in making Toronto a healthy, safe and vibrant city for all?

Since the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen a “Bike Boom” that has led huge numbers of Torontonians to (re)discover that riding a bike is a safe, efficient way to move through the city for physical and mental health. Together we have helped usher in a historic year of new cycling infrastructure in Toronto with nearly 40 kms of new bike lanes built on the foundation of years of hard work and collaborations along our major campaigns including Bloor Street, Danforth Avenue, and Yonge Street. Committed Torontonians like you have been there every step of the way.

Our work isn’t done. We cannot do this alone. And to keep building our capacity your support is essential. That is why we are launching Move365.

A teal and black pin icon has been dropped on a map teal map. The pin has a graduation cap icon on it.Move365 is an education and encouragement campaign that will co-power community leaders with the knowledge, expertise, and tools to create possibilities and change transportation infrastructure in their communities — to grow the culture around alternative forms of transportation with their community. The pandemic has inequitably impacted the city’s most vulnerable residents, who also face the biggest transportation and mobility challenges. With your support, we will have the capacity to support local priorities in those communities, especially outside the downtown core.

This is one of the biggest responsibilities in the history of this organization.

We cannot make Move365 happen without your support. For Cycle Toronto the pandemic continues to exert considerable financial challenges, and we now face difficult decisions as funding runs out on some staff positions in the new year. As we look to a recovery and rebuild in 2021, we’ll be fighting to retain staff and build capacity to make Move365 happen.

By helping us reach $10,000 in donations before the end of the year, you will be unlocking our first milestone toward delivering this programming in 2021. We’ll be working to continue raising at least $50,000 between this year and early next. To make this a reality and ensure our mission addresses equity and accessibility, we’re teaming up with CultureLink once again. Our two organizations have a long history as partners and collaborators since the founding of Cycle Toronto — most recently for Bike Host and the Bike to School projects. 


Let’s move together,

Mark Romeril
Senior Partnerships & Development Manager

By ry.shissler@cycleto.ca on Nov 30, 2020

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