Giving Tuesday, Street Smarts & The Bike to School Project

Street Smarts Giving Tuesday. Students participating in Bike Rodeo

Giving Tuesday

It’s Giving Tuesday, and the launch of our annual Street Smarts drive where we raise funds for high-quality cycling education programs, such as The Bike to School Project. This year our goal is to raise $25,000 to maintain and expand into new programs including a Family Riding Workshop and Guided Confidence-Building Rides. Reaching our goal ensures we’ll be able to provide excellent education in schools, libraries and on streets across Toronto.

Donate Now: "Fund 2 - Cycling Program"

Our partnership with CultureLink lets us capitalize on their excellent community-based program delivery skills. It also allows us to give you a charitable tax receipt as we await the decision on our own charitable status. 

Photo courtesy of Yvonne Bambrick

Why Bike to School?

For many children and youth, riding a bicycle is the height of fun, freedom and opportunity. Biking to school can ease the early morning rush for many families, but only if it is a safe and comfortable option. 

Since 2013, Cycle Toronto and CultureLink have collaborated on projects to enable more students to discover the personal and community benefits of riding a bike. Some of the achievements of this program include:

  • 45,000+ Students have participated in cycling education programs

  • 100 Bikes purchased for group activities

  • 190 Bicycle parking spots installed

  • 130,000+ Bike to School Week student participants at schools in the GTHA and beyond

  • 6 Bike clubs organized by students and teachers

  • Bike trip to Niagara Falls and back

After Bike to School began, there was an increase in the number of teens walking and biking to school for the first time in 30 years. Since 1986, the Transportation Tomorrow Survey, taken every five years, showed a decline in active transportation every period until 2016.

Let’s build on this positive momentum. Get into the spirit of Giving Tuesday, and donate now to keep the Bike to School Project and Street Smarts fully-funded. You’ll get a charitable tax receipt, and help students across the city learn to enjoy riding a bike as much as you do!

Under “Fund” select “2 - Cycling Program - Street Smarts Educational Activities.”

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