Employment Opportunity: Bike Month Photojournalist

We are looking for a Bike Month Photojournalist to conduct interviews and capture images across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) starting in April 2017 and running until the end of Bike Month (June 30). 

In addition to photographing Bike Month events across the GTHA, the photographer will also be responsible for conducting interviews and photographing cyclists for Bike Month’s “Cyclist Profile Series” featuring cyclists from across the GTHA.


Bike Month imagery should illustrate that cycling is a viable transportation choice and has many benefits as a form of active transportation. It should showcase the diversity of the cycling community in the GTHA. We want viewers to feel that cycling is accessible and not just for the “hardcore”.

Experience with videography would be considered an asset, or comfortable shooting video with a smartphone or handheld device.

The desired objective is to produce photos which highlight the following benefits to riding a bike:

  • Health benefits – mental and physical

  • Convenience/ time savings - reducing traffic congestion, ease of shopping / running errands

  • Money saved – gas, parking, insurance costs of operating a car

  • Social benefits/ community - biking together

  • Connection to public transit/ transportation network

The following criteria must be present in photography:

  • gender, age, and ethnic diversity well represented

  • business/corporate commuting  and utilitarian cycling represented

  • helmets on all riders, or in the shot if riders are not on a bike

  • modern imagery with a similar look and feel

  • showcases urban, suburban, and natural environments in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area

  • A variety of photos of the cyclist being profiled from each of our Bike Month Local Supporter regions

  • outdoor shots - spring and summer imagery

  • Images of bike infrastructure where applicable, including: bike lanes, cycle tracks, sharrows, bike crossings, bikes boxes (for left turns), bike traffic signals, contra-flow lanes, ring & posts, bike racks , flower boxes / bollards in separated lanes, etc.


  • Compensation of $3000 will be paid out on a contract basis.

  • Photos can be taken anywhere within the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area as long as they meet the criteria above. All equipment and travel related expenses are inclusive of compensation for the project and therefore are the responsibility of the photographer

  • Cycle Toronto will be granted a royalty free exclusive, non-transferable license to use and reproduce images in printed materials or any electronic or digital form, in effect for one year from the production date, and a royalty free non-exclusive license thereafter. The Photographer may use the selected photos on his/her website and/or in his/her portfolio provided that Bike Month 2017 is cited wherever the photos appear. Photo credit will be given to the successful candidate in all mediums possible, where appropriate.

  • Photos and interview content must be sent within 48 hours of interview taking place. Scheduling to be determined in collaboration with Cycle Toronto staff and Photojournalist. Photos will be shared via Dropbox, Google Drive, or another cloud based file sharing system that preserves the quality of the photographs throughout the duration of the contract. Upon completion of the contract the photographs will be shared with Cycle Toronto via USB

  • All photo files must be high resolution, minimum of 300 dpi for print, 72 dpi for web.


Please send a link to your portfolio,  and a statement of interest including relevant past experience to work@cycleto.ca by 4:00 PM on Wednesday April 5.

Cycle Toronto is a member-supported not-for-profit organization that works to make Toronto a healthy, safe and vibrant cycling city for all. We are focused on advocacy, education and encouragement, as we work not only to shape policy and infrastructure, but also, to build community and transform our city’s biking culture. We engage a diversity of people in our work, pursuing evidence-based solutions that make cycling a viable option for all Torontonians.



By Joan Milway on Mar 29, 2017