Cycle Toronto launches Get Lit! to educate cyclists to stay visible after dark in partnership with Toronto Police Service and McLeish Orlando

As summer turns to fall, diminished daylight hours put a renewed emphasis on cyclists having proper lighting and reflective gear on their bicycles to help ensure their safety and visibility.

Cycle Toronto, in partnership with Toronto Police Service and McLeish Orlando, will set up along busy cycling commuter routes at dusk on 4 evenings in October and flag down unlit cyclists, educating them on the importance of staying visible and providing them with a free set for a safe ride home.

“Cycling is a year-round activity for many people across Toronto,” commented Jared Kolb, Executive Director of Cycle Toronto. “It gets darker earlier this month and we’ve got to watch out for one another out there. Safety is everyone’s responsibility, including the cycling community."

The Ministry of Transportation has recently increased the set fine for improper lighting of a bicycle from $20 to $110. From half an hour before sunset to half an hour after sunrise, Ontarians must have a front white light and either a rear red reflector or rear red light on their bicycle. Ontarians riding bicycles also need to be lit when it’s dark due to rain, fog, or snow.

“Improving road safety and traffic flow is one of our goals in support of and commitment to safe communities and neighbourhoods” said Superintendent Gord Jones, Unit Commander of Traffic Services. “Traffic safety is the responsibility of everyone who uses our roadways, and active transportation continues to grow in the city every day. The safety of cyclists and other road users in the City of Toronto is very important to us. We are pleased to be in partnership with our colleagues at Cycle Toronto on this innovative and important campaign.”

Cycle Toronto will be set up on these dates at the following locations beginning at dusk until approximately 9:00pm:

Tuesday Oct 6 - Art Gallery of Ontario, Beverley and Dundas W
Tuesday Oct 13 - Boulton Drive Parkette, Boulton, near Poplar Plains
Tuesday Oct 20 - Toronto Public Library, College and Shaw
Tuesday Oct 27 - Prince Edward Viaduct Parkette, across from Castle Frank Subway Station

“Visibility is an important part of road safety, especially for cyclists,” said Patrick Brown, Partner at McLeish Orlando. “We are pleased to be part of an initiative that encourages cycling during all hours of the day.”

In addition to Toronto Police Service and McLeish Orlando, local bike shops Urbane Cyclist Worker’s Co-op and Sweet Pete’s Bike Shop are community supporters of Get Lit!

Cycle Toronto media contact: Jared Kolb, Executive Director - 416-644-7188


By Jared Kolb on Oct 06, 2015