Brimley ActiveTO Town Hall

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On Tuesday June 16, Deputy Mayor Michael Thompson hosted a virtual town hall to discuss ActiveTO and the Brimley bike lanes that are coming to his ward.

These bike lanes will be rapidly installed as part of the pandemic response. They provide a key connection between Thomson Memorial Park and Bluffers Park, as well as to the Meadoway, McCowan District Park, and Eglinton GO station. The 4 km stretch from Lawrence Ave to Kingston Rd will provide a safe way for people to bike around the neighbourhood for transportation and recreation.

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The City is expecting that these bike lanes will not have a major impact on car traffic as car traffic across the city has been down significantly since the pandemic began. The TTC bus routes 21 Brimley and 12 Kingston are both expected to continue their operation without much of an impact either. This project should give people in southwest Scarborough another safe transportation option which will free up space for those that must continue to drive or take transit.

City staff shared that between 2015 and 2019, there were 47 collisions along Brimley Rd between Lawrence Ave and Eglinton Ave resulting in 5 serious injuries and 2 fatalities. They also shared that over 70% of people driving were speeding by more than 10 km/h over the speed limit. These bike lanes are expected to help make Brimley Rd safer for people walking, biking, and driving - all road users should be safer.

The bike lanes are expected to look similar to the cross-section diagram below, except at bus stops where the bollards will not be installed, and at intersections where there will typically be some left or right turn lanes for drivers. The wide bike lanes will be very comfortable for families to bike side by side, and the wide buffer will keep faster moving cars further away from people biking.

Check out a PDF of all the slides from the presentation


We are expecting these bike lanes to be installed by early July 2020. You can find out more at, and share questions or comments to, and feel free to include us on correspondence (



By Tamara Nahal on Jun 17, 2020

  Brimley, ActiveTO, Scarborough, Community Engagement, Town Hall