#Bloorbikelanes need you: show your support using your social media accounts now

We celebrated a major milestone with the installation of bike lanes on Bloor Street this summer. Although this was a great win, there’s no guarantee the lanes are here to stay. We’ve got work to do to ensure they move from pilot to permanent when council votes next year.

We know there are lots of people who see the lanes as part of Toronto’s future as a safe and healthy city. We know there are lots of people out there who are proud supporters of the lanes. We know there are lots of people out there who are using the lanes every day (we even wrote an article about it!). We want to tell YOUR story!

Whether you’re a cyclist who uses the lanes everyday, a pedestrian who loves how the lanes make the street more safe, a resident who loves to shop, or a driver who wants to show your support, share what the #Bloorbikelanes mean to you via social media!


Below is a list of Bloor St businesses and their social media links so you can shoe your support!





By Stephanie Malcher on Nov 16, 2016